Gods' Impact Online
115 Chapter 114- Celebration
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Gods' Impact Online
Author :NoWoRRyMaN
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115 Chapter 114- Celebration

"Release me from this suffering…" she said while gazing into Zach's eyes.

'Even though I am no longer in the drug's effect… I feel…' Zach unknowingly squeezed Aquarius' breast.

'So soft…'

He moved his other hand towards Aquarius' face and moved her closer.


Aquarius kissed him before hearing Zach's answer. She kept her lips close to Zach's lips so she could kiss him again anytime.


Once again, Aquarius kissed him.

After that, Aquarius shut him up with a kiss whenever Zach tried to speak something. It was as though she was afraid to hear Zach's answer.

Zach also started kissing her without answering her. But then, Aurora's face suddenly flashed before Zach's eyes, and he stopped.

He recalled how Aurora looked upset when he had kissed Aria to take oxygen from her.

"I am sorry," Zach said to Aquarius. "I can't do this, after all."

"...May I ask why…?" Aquarius placed her hand on her chest and said, "Do you not find me attractive? Or perhaps you are angry because I was rooting for Starlord rather than you?"

"It was my first time seeing him in my life, and I didn't love him. But I love you with all my heart," she said with her honest feelings and an anxious look on her face.

Zach placed his hands on Aquarius' shoulders to keep his distance from her. "It's not that. You are gorgeous like an angel. But… I can't betray her feelings like that."

"Would you rather let me suffer and experience the pain?" she asked with a baffled look on her face.

It wasn't as though Zach rejected Aquarius only because of Aurora. But he didn't love Aquarius, and he didn't want to mate with a  girl he didn't love. 

Of course, the main reason was that Aurora would feel betrayed and disappointed if she found out. But it wasn't as though Zach and Aurora were in a relationship. In fact, neither of them had confessed their love to each other.

However, it was different with Aquarius. He had met her a few hours ago, and he didn't know anything about her other than that she was a princess. And most importantly, they both were in an aphrodisiac effect where it forced them to think with their lust and thirst rather than their brain and heart.

Aquarius chose to give the liquid to Zach so he could make the decision, and his answer was no.

Zach looked at Aquarius' body and covered it with her clothes.

"I am sorry," he said and left the room before saying, "I will send a maid for help."

Zach opened the door and left the room in a hurry.

Aquarius watched Zach leave and scoffed with a smile on her face. She took out another vial and drank the liquid inside it.

"You have truly won my heart, darling," she said with a mischievous smile on her face.

In truth, Aquarius had two vials, but both of them were for her. The first one was to blackmail Zach into mating her, and the second one was a backup in case something happened.

However, Aquarius truly fell in love with Zach in the process, and she ended up giving him the vial.

'I did as mama asked me to, but she warned me not to give him the vial until he promised to mate with me.'

Aquarius licked her lips and said, 'I will not do as you asked me to, mama. I will first make him fall in love with me and then mate with him.'

She then wore her dress and touched the place on her breast where Zach had touched.

"So that is how a man's touch feels like…"

Zach made his way to the hall while glancing around everywhere. He was searching for a maid who could help Aquarius, but he couldn't find any maid.

It was for a reason.

Rilu had ordered all the maids and guards to stay away from Aquirius' room. But she never expected that nothing would go her way.

When Zach reached the hall, Aquitius the sixth and Rilu were already present with dozens of other guests. However, Rilu was the most surprised to see Zach.

She glanced around to look for Aquarius, but of course, she was nowhere to be seen.

She whispered something in the sixth's ears and left the hall in a hurry.

Meanwhile, Zach was looking for Aurora and Aria because he hadn't seen them in a while.

He was excited to show them his suit, but he was more excited to see them in their dress.

Zach spent ten minutes strolling in the hall and eating food from the banquet. Even though it has been minutes since Zach last kissed Aquarius, he could still feel and taste Aquarius' lips in his mouth.

After ten more minutes, the entire hall was filled with around five hundred sea creatures in their complete human form. All the males were wearing suits, and females were wearing gowns.

There were also maids and guards in formal clothes that waiters usually wore at parties.

"Isn't this too much for a celebration considering I killed their strongest champion?" Zach wondered out loud.

"That's because this celebration is not for you," a familiar voice remarked from behind.

Zach turned back and heard Aurora say, "This party is to celebrate princess Aquarius' 19th birthday."

"Oh!" Zach exclaimed softly. "No wonder."

Zach was speechless. Not by what Aurora said, but after looking at her in a dress.

This was Zach's first time seeing Aurora in clothes other than her nightdress and regular outfit that she wore every day whenever they had to go out to explore the realm or clear the dungeons.

"How do I look?" she asked with an innocent grin on her face.


For some reason, Zach felt genuinely happy to see Aurora again.


Total players in the game- 403280.

0 new players logged in.

24 players died.


Author's Note- I will describe Aurora and Aria's clothes in the next chapter!

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