Gods' Impact Online
109 Chapter 108- Underwater Showdown
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Gods' Impact Online
Author :NoWoRRyMaN
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109 Chapter 108- Underwater Showdown

Everyone present in the arena was surprised, including Zach.

Zach thought he hadn't punched Starlord that hard, and he was correct. 

Zach punched Starlord just like he punched the monsters so far, but Starlord was dashing at Zach at full speed, resulting in him receiving a powerful punch.

In any case, it was Zach who punched him and left the entire arena silent.

However, Starlord stood up straight just a second after. Moreover, he was unscathed.

"Tch!: Zach clicked his tongue and muttered, "His Scorpio-like hard skin is more troublesome than I thought."

'It literally broke a sword, so why did I expect for my punch to hurt him in any way?' Zach sighed inwardly.

Zach looked at his gloves and muttered, "So the ability is working. But I can absorb more."

Starlord fired more magic attacks, but this time, he didn't move from his spot. 

Starlord kept firing spells one after another, but Zach absorbed them all. With every attack, Starlord grew more and more desperate. He was furious, as though he was trying to kill Zach in any way possible.

'How much mana does he save?!' Zach exclaimed inwardly. 'I have been absorbing his attacks for ten minutes straight!'

Zach glanced at his gloves and noticed they were slowly turning purple.

'Not good. If he keeps casting spells like that, my gloves will reach their absorbing limit.'

Now, instead of absorbing the magic attacks, Zach started dodging and blocking them with a shield made from plants and soil.

All the time Zach spent in the dungeon and completing his quests, he had been trying to train and use as many combinations of his magic weapons.

He had learned to summon a fire sword in one hand and a lightning sword in another. Then, he learned to create a water sword and wind sword, which he mixed and made an ice sword. Similarly, he created a water-lightning sword that shot lightning bolts upon swinging.

Of course, he wouldn't be able to do that if he hadn't used the second slot of the gloves as a magic weapon. It was because his first and second slots were used to summon magic weapons, he was able to mix and create new magic.

The shield Zach was holding was made from a mixture of earth magic and water magic. And it was blocking all the magic attacks of Starlord.

"Argh!" Starlord yelled in rage as he swung the spears in both hands and plunged them into the ground

At first, Zach was confused, and he didn't understand what Starlord was trying to do. But he realized everything when he felt water touching his feet.

Starlord had covered the entire ring of the arena in the water. 

Zach tried to swim up, but the water level just kept rising. He tried to absorb the water, but he couldn't absorb it.

'It's not made from magic! It's the real seawater!'

Zach took a deep breath and got into the water again. He looked at Starlord and saw his form had changed.

Starlord was no longer in his human form. Instead, his entire body was covered by another hard layer. His head had turned into a Scorpio-like shape, and his teeth had also changed. His already pointy scorpion tail had become more pointy. Not only that, there were small spikes on his body.

Zach could have controlled the water using his gloves using the third ability of the gloves. But he could only control the magic that was one meter around him. And Starlord was still standing at the other side of the ring.

'Should I use lightning attack?' Zach thought to himself. 'But he had another layer protecting him. My sword won't be able to penetrate it.'

'But… if I release all my MP on the sword and use a concentrated-lightning attack, I might be able to stop him.'

However, Zach was also in water, and water could conduct electricity.

'I might survive a mild lightning attack. But concentrated lighting will injure me badly…'

At the same time, Starlord dashed at Zach with both spears aimed at him, and it looked as though he had no intention of leaving Zach alive.

Moreover, now that the Starlord was in his natural habitat, he was moving ten times faster than before. 

Zach could barely see him and match his gaze with Starlord.

Zach was in a major dilemma. He could move and dodge underwater as speedily as Starlord. He could use magic attacks because it won't work. He could use a physical attack, but the rigid layer and the spikes on Starlord's body would prevent him from dealing any damage. And most important, Zach could hold his breath for more than five minutes.

Everyone thought Zach was going to lose because he was cornered from everywhere. But Zach, however, had his own plans.

The moment Starlord came near Zach, Zach unleashed all the magic attacks he had absorbed.

Starlord stopped moving as his body floated lifelessly in the water. Soon, the water level decreased, and everything went back to normal.

Zach looked at Starlord and confirmed he was knocked unconscious.

'He managed to push me this far. If I hadn't created the gloves ability, I would be toast…' Zach sighed in relief.

Aquitius the sixth stared at Zach and wondered, '...'

He couldn't think. He was left speechless like all the other people watching the match.

'What just happened?!' the sixth exclaimed inwardly. 'The ring was filled with water, so we couldn't see properly.'

Starlord had purposely done that, so even if he went against the rules and killed Zach, no one would have proof that he killed Zach because no one would have seen it. But sadly, Starlord's plan failed miserably.

The sixth raised his brows and wondered: 'Who is this kid? And why did my little brother forgive him even when he tried to kill him?'

'And I don't know how, but he managed to defeat this kingdom's strongest champion!'

'I have to look into his shadow and see who he truly is…' Aquitius the sixth awakened his magic eyes and looked deep into Zach's shadow, only to close his eyes a second later and cover his face with his hands.

"..." He took a deep breath and yelled inwardly: 'Why?! Why?!'

'Why is the child of atrocity here?!'


Total players in the game- 403538.

0 new players logged in.

31 players died.


Author's Note- Ask the gods. LoL.

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