Gods' Impact Online
103 Chapter 102- Two Tasks
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Gods' Impact Online
Author :NoWoRRyMaN
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103 Chapter 102- Two Tasks

The sea carriage— on which, Zach, Aurora, and Aria were traveling, stopped in front of the gates of Xavier kingdom.

Soon after, many guards gathered at the great, and the king himself— Aquitius the 5th arrived to greet the carriage.

However, they had a major misunderstanding.

After seeing the royal carriage that belonged to none other than the king of Atlantis— Aquitius the seventh, they all thought the king (Aquitius the seventh)  had arrived. But their mood and expectations were shattered soon after seeing Zach, Aurora, and Aria come out of the carriage.

The elder guard took out his sword from the sheath and aimed at Zach before saying, "Why is an outsider here?!"

'Judging by their reaction, it seems that no other player has arrived here yet,' Zach uttered to himself.

Zach ignored the guard and looked into the king's eyes without any reluctance.

"Aquitius the seventh had sent us here to complete the task. And in return, you will undo your part of the seal on the scroll," Zach asserted nonchalantly.

Another guard took out his sword and said, "How dare you talk to the king like that!"

The king raised his hand and asked the guards to stop. 

"Quiet!" he yelled. "They are our guests."

Aquitius the fifth nodded at Zach and said, "Please, follow us. I will take you to my palace."

Zach, Aurora, and Aria followed the king and went into the palace.

After reading to the lounge, they were given various types of fruits, juices, and desserts to eat.

"What would you like to eat?" the king asked.

"Just tell us the tasks. We will finish this as soon as possible," Zach responded in a calm voice.

The king was treating them kindly because they had arrived in Aquitius' carriage.

'If my little brother sent them in his carriage, that must mean this person is very important and holds a value for the sea realm. I must treat him with all respect and kindness.'

Aquitius the seventh sent Zach in his carriage to pass the signal to Aquitius the fifth. Even though Aquitius the seventh was the youngest brother of all three, he was feared by both Aquitius the fifth and sixth.

He was more powerful and of a higher standard than them, and they couldn't afford to make him angry.

"Very well…" Aquitius the fifth nodded his head and signaled his guards to leave them alone.

"I will tell you my task."

After 1 minute.

"Can't you change the task?" Zach groaned with an annoyed look on his face.

Aquitius the fifth asked Zach to bring back his wife—Rilu, who was kidnapped by his brother, Aquitius the sixth.

Aquitius the fifth raised his brows at Zach and asked him with a judging look on his face: "Does that mean you can't do it?"

"Listen…" Zach let out a weary sigh and said, "If you want your wife so much, then why don't you just go and bring her back by yourself?"

"Unfortunately, when the three sea kingdoms were formed, there was a rule that the kind of a lower level kingdom can't enter the higher level kingdom," he asserted. "The same for my guards or anyone that belongs to the army. I can't send them to other kingdoms."

"Great…" Zach groaned and face-palmed himself. "What am I going to do once I get there?"

Zach wasn't worried that he wouldn't be able to complete his first task, but he was worried about not finishing his second quest. If Zach somehow managed to bring Aquitius the fifth's wife back, Zach knew for sure that Aquitius the sixth would be angry, and he would give a challenging task to Zach that he might not be able to complete.

"Is there any other task?" Zach asked the same question he asked a while ago.

"I don't think there is anything else I want. I just want my wife back," he replied with a sad look on his face.

"Alright. I will bring your wife back," Zach uttered.

"Thank you—" the king tried to thank Zach with a smile on his face, but he stopped after looking at Zach's face.

Zach furrowed his brows at the king and said, "However, if your wife doesn't want to come back to you, I won't force her to."


"And in such a case, my task would be considered as complete, and you would have to undo the seal on your part," Zach asserted. "Do you agree with my condition?"

Aquitius the fifth pondered for a while and said with a nod: "I agree on your terms."

"Good." Zach grabbed Aurora's hand and said, "We are leaving for the Ribel kingdom."

It hadn't even been 10 minutes since they arrived at the Xavier kingdom, and now they were leaving for the Ribel kingdom to complete not one, but two tasks.

Zach, Aurora, and Aria got into the carriage and made their way to the Ribel kingdom.

However, when they arrived there, as expected, all the other 48 players were present there.

The Ribel kingdom was different from Xavier and Atlantis. Unlike there, where the main gate of the kingdom and the palace were secured by the guards and creatures. The Ribel kingdom had no security whatsoever. In fact, there were no guards in sight.

When the royal carriage arrived there, it automatically landed on the open lounge of the palace where some players, citizens, and creatures were enjoying themselves.

'Why are there no guards here?' Zach asked himself.

"Why are there no guards here?" Aurora asked Zach.

"..." Zach shrugged his shoulders and said, "Don't ask me."

"It's so weird that there are no guards. And even the citizens are roaming without a care," Aria uttered. "When I looked from the window, I could see how well developed this kingdom is."

"And a weird one too…" Zach sneered.


Total players in the game 403907.

0 new players logged in.

97 players died.


Author's Note- UwU Who likes fish? 

Thanks, @DragonSouler21, for the gift!

Once again, Merry Christmas, ya all!

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