Gods' Impact Online
88 Chapter 87- Invitation
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Gods' Impact Online
Author :NoWoRRyMaN
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88 Chapter 87- Invitation

"Then why were you in Aurora's room with the door closed," Misha asked that on her own without Victoria whispering anything to her.


"We sleep in the same room, same bed," Aurora replied and glared at Victoria. "What about it?"

"Nothing," Victoria uttered in a low voice.

Victoria finally broke her silence and glanced at Zach with a resolute expression on her face.

"..." Zach averted his gaze and thought, 'What's with that expression?'

'Don't think too much about it, Victoria. Even if something is going on between Zach and the girls, it doesn't matter. I am the one who took his virginity, so I am his first choice.'

Victoria glared back at Aurora and uttered inwardly: 'I know everything about him and his personality. Besides, I am an adult, so I have to take care of this matter as an adult..'

Victoria cleared her throat and said, "I was here to check up on you."

"Oh?" Zach shrugged his shoulders and said, "Thank you… I guess?"

"I heard you rejected the offer to join my guild, is that true??" Victoria asked with a curious yet calm look on her face.

Zach nodded and said, "Very true."

Victoria knitted her brows and asked, "If you don't mind, can I ask the reason you did not join?"

"Surely, it's not because you felt awkward to be in the same guild as your ex-girlfriend, right?" Victoria asked with a smug look on her face.

"Of course not," Zach replied with a soft scoff.

Victoria didn't show any reaction on her face, but she was crying from the inside.

'I see. So he is over me, huh? He has already moved on…' Victoria thought to herself.

"I didn't join because the guild master reminded me of the useless side-character of the story, who turned into a main villain in the endgame." Zach turned to Kayden and asked, "What was that name of the game again?"

"Uhh…" Kayden pondered for a while and answered, "Are you talking about 'Real Dead Fantasy Chronicles.'?" 

"Yeah, that," Zach nodded. "Man, that game was full of cliche tropes."

"Anyway!" Victoria quipped and asked, "Are you and your party interested in joining the guild?" Zach shook his head and said, "You know I am not the type of person who would follow the rules."

"Fair enough.." Victoria sighed and said, "Then how about you join as a temporary member?"

"Are you talking about the new feature they added in the latest update where players can join the guild for a limited amount of time and get rewards?" Zach asked with a judging look on his face.

"Yes." Victoria nodded and continued, "My guild is going on the dungeon expedition after three days. However, only the guild members who haven't cleared the entire dungeon will go."

"I, myself, have only cleared the first 40 floors," Victoria added.

Zach raised his brows and asked with a curious look on his face, "How many floors are there?"

"The beginner realm had 100 floors, so the first realm should have the same," Kayen replied.

"What's the time limit or cooldown for the player to leave the guild?" Zach asked. "In other words, how soon can a player leave after joining the guild as a temporary member?"

"There is no time limit," Victoria replied.

"How many guild members will be coming?"

"I don't have the exact number, but it should be more than 1800," Victoria responded in a calm voice. "The others are either not interested, or they have already cleared the floors."

"We can't blame them," Misha sighed. "The risk of dying is the most in the dungeons."

'What should I do?' Zach pondered for a while and thought, 'I was already planning to clear the dungeon with Aria and Aurora today.'

'And we three are enough to clear a hundred floors by ourselves, but it will take more than a week.'

After the 50th floor, not only were the number of monsters per floor high, but they were strong too. On some floors, there were multiple bosses, so unless the players were in a party or guild, clearing them alone was impossible.

Of course, Zach, Aria, and Aurora could do it, but Zach would need a high MP for that. He was already cultivating 5000 MP in one day using multiple techniques, but it wasn't enough to defeat and clear all the floors in one day.

Zach cultivated while talking, walking, resting, eating, sleeping— he cultivated all the time except when he was fighting.

'If I join the guild, I can easily carry Aurora. And thanks to the latest update, the loot and EXP are distributed according to the DMG dealt by the players. So I can't use the old method where I was letting Aurora have the last hit.'

Zach glanced at Aurora to see her response, and she nodded.

'And the major advantage of joining will be getting a physique boost, so Aurora can boost her physique too.'

Zach turned to Victoria and uttered, "Before I answer, tell me, is that douchebag also coming?"

"Are you talking about Shay?" Victoria asked with an innocent look on her face.

"No." Zach laughed out loud and said, "I am talking about that useless side character."

"Oh!" Victoria exclaimed and shook her head, "No. Also, Shay is not coming either."

"Alright.." Zach nodded and replied with a sigh: "WE will join, but only for one day. Once we have cleared the dungeons, we will leave."

"Fine by me." Victoria opened her menu and said, "Add me as your friend, so I can directly contact you."

Zach added Victoria as his friend.

Victoria then looked at Aurora and smirked at her with a smug look on her face, as though she was trying to exert her victory.

"...!" Aurora's face twitched after seeing that. 

"Zach." Aurora called out to Zach and placed her hand below her stomach, saying, "You were so good last night."

"...!" Everyone present in the room had the same reaction.

"Uhh…" Zach averted his gaze at Victoria and saw tears in her eyes. 

'This is bad.'


Total players in the game 405369.

0 new players logged in.

53 players died.


Author's Note- What does Aurora mean by that? Find out in the next chapter of Gods' Impact Online! (pun intended)

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