Gods' Impact Online
80 Chapter 79- Update Changelog
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Gods' Impact Online
Author :NoWoRRyMaN
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80 Chapter 79- Update Changelog

[Hello, Players. We have made some changes to the game in this update, and the changelog is listed below.

-We have noticed that a lot of players have trouble understanding the rank and realms system. So we are introducing an NPC guide. The guide will be different for each realm, and you can find them in the capital of each realm. They should be loitering around the park.

The NPC guide for the first realm, @Dynisor, can be found at the park in the capital.

-We are introducing a real-time pain feature. The players will now experience the pain until they are fully healed. If the player's hands are cleaved, they will feel the pain until they are fully healed by a player with healer class or the NPC healer.

-The players can die from thirst and hunger, just like in the real world.

-The players will bleed if they are injured.

-The players can die from intense blood loss.

-The dead bodies of the players won't disappear, and they will rot away if not buried. 

-The players can die from excessive mental stress, trauma, pain, and fear.

-Fall damage is decreased by 10%. (The fall damage is calculated by the height of the fall. Fall damage will be inflicted if the player falls from 3 meters or more.)

-Clearing the same floor again will now only give the 10% EXP of the first time clearing.

-Towers exist to gain skill and rewards. Dungeons exist to grind EXP. So to get physique points, we are introducing a labyrinth. 

(Players have to fight and win against other players to gain the said physique points. The winning player can choose to either kill or forgive the loser player.) (If the winning player decides to kill the loser player, they won't get a red name tag.)

(Killing in duels won't result in players getting a red name tag.)

-Players can now worship their gods and gain favor from them. 

Players will receive one karma point for each time they pray. Players can only pray three times a day.

Players can only worship one god. Changing the religion will result in penalties or sometimes instant death.

-Magic shop can now be summoned for free. The players will get a summoning token for every five level ups. They can use that token to summon the magic shop for free.

The token cannot be sold or transferred to other players. Terms and conditions applied.

-Players can now choose a nickname to be displayed on their name tag instead of their real name.

-Guilds and top players can now arrange events and tournaments where other players can participate and earn rewards.

-We are introducing a feature where our mascot, the black slime, will read out the Gods' Impact journal for you. You can summon it anytime from the help section in the menu and ask any questions regarding the game.

-The loot in the parties and guilds will be automatically distributed among the players based on their DMG score on the monsters.

-New secret monsters are introduced. The Players can obtain secret information by completing the quests given by the NPCs.

NPCs quests can be found in the quest board of the guildhall.

-Multiple marriages are now allowed.]

Zach was in utter disbelief after reading that.

"Most of the changelog was filled with new ways to kill the players," Zach commented.

"I liked the one where they gave us an option to change nicknames," Aria commented.

"So there are labyrinths now. I can increase my physique faster, but… we have to fight against other players…." Aurora uttered while stuttering.

"I didn't like the one where they introduced the pain feature," Zach uttered in a disdainful tone. "It's going to be tough now."

Earlier, the player only felt pain when they were being attacked. After that, the pain vanished. Even if the player was at 1 HP, they couldn't feel any pain. But everything had changed now.

Even when the player was injured or attacked, they could fight because they couldn't feel any pain. But now, most of the players would give in to the pain and lose their courage to fight.

"I am sure they are going to favor the players who would worship them," Aria remarked.

"So I guess we are officially heretic now," Zach scoffed.

"What about the multiple marriages one?" Aria whispered to Zach.

"What are you trying to say?"

"Well, you would have to divorce me first to marry Aurora in the future. If you divorced me, you would have broken the soul pact," Aria asserted.

"..." Zach hadn't thought his relationship with Aurora would go that far just yet.

Aurora and Aria cooked breakfast and asked Zach about what they were going to do the entire day.

Usually, Zach would have replied with 'Dungeons', but Zach wasn't in the mood to do anything today. And the new update changelog made him more unmotivated. Even if he went to clear dungeons, he would be distracted, which could result in injury. It was for the best to take some time off.

"Let's go sightseeing today," Aurora suggested. She knew Zach needed some time off to take everything off his mind.

Zach, Aurora, and Aria went on tour and explored the entire capital.

"Not going to lie, the capital turned out to be bigger than I expected, "Zach uttered as he caught his breath and sat on the bench.

"Each realm would only get bigger as we ascended," Aurora stated.

"What shall we do now?" Aria asked. "It's already night. Should we eat out tonight?"


They went to the nearest restaurant and ordered the food.

The restaurant was full of guilds and parties, and they were talking about various things.

The players sitting behind Zach's table were talking about the guild and a world boss of the first realm.

Zach quietly leaned back and listened to their conversation.

"The top number 3rd guild is going on a secret expedition raid to defeat the world boss and gain the legendary grade scroll that contains legendary spells."

"How do you know about that if it's a secret?" the player asked.

"My friend is in the guild. He told me about it."

World boss was the boss assigned to each realm where players could achieve unbelievable feats and rewards by defeating it. 

'Scroll?' Zach thought to himself. 'I have been looking for information about spell scrolls. But I guess I am late. If the entire guild is going, then they will probably get the scroll before me.'

That night, a guild of 3200 members went to challenge the world boss— the fire dragon. However, none of them returned alive.


Total players in the game 406369.

0 new players logged in.

3229 players died.


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Fun Fact- Realms are flat.

PS- I have created a fandom page for this novel. So if anyone here knows how to edit and add infos. DM me on the discord.

Link- https://gods-impact-online.fandom.com/wiki/Gods%27_Impact_Online_Wiki

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