Gods' Impact Online
78 Bonus chapter Chapter 77- Farewell
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Gods' Impact Online
Author :NoWoRRyMaN
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78 Bonus chapter Chapter 77- Farewell

'That's Aurora's kingdom…' Zach uttered inwardly and shot a glance at Aurora.

"While the number two guild is only accepting the players who have refined physique," Elliott stated. "Refined physique is—"

"I know about it," Zach quipped.

Refined physique was referred to the players whose physique cultivated faster than the other players. Seemingly, those players' ancestors were high-humans. Their inactivated genes helped them cultivate their physique faster.

"And besides, we also don't accept random players in our guild," Elliot remarked. "It's because you are friends with my other guild members that you are getting an easy way in."

"Oh?" Zach shrugged his shoulders and said, "Then I will pass. I have no interest in joining a guild that has no respect for its guild members."

"Excuse me? What gave you that idea?" Elliot asked with a puzzled look on his face.

"Let me guess; you have a hero complex, am I right?" Zach sneered at Elliot. "You think you are special. You think your guild will fall apart without you. You think you will be the one beating this game. You think you will be the one saving all the players."

Elliott gritted his teeth and said, "So what?"

Zach smirked and uttered, "Do you think you will become famous? In truth, you are a misanthropist who is acting to be a philanthropist."

"Instead of saving players, you will end up killing them," Zach added.

"Enough!" Elliot turned around and looked at Shay before saying, "We will be ascending to the higher realm next week. If you are yet to meet the requirements, go talk to the vice-captain. She will send some of our best players with you to level up fast."

Elliot looked at Zach and the rest from the corner of his eyes and said, "And those who are not interested in joining the guild shall leave immediately."

After saying that, Elliot left.

Misha and Kayden glanced at each other and looked at Zach.

"What?" Zach asked after noticing not only Misha and Kayden but Aurora, Aria, and Shay were also looking at him.

"I think you went too far, dude," Kayden uttered.

Zach shrugged his shoulders and said, "I just stated the truth. You made the right decision by not joining the guild."

"Well, that's because I am giving up on this game," Kayden stated.


"I am done playing this game," Kayden repeated himself. "I was taking this game seriously because I wanted to go back to the real world, to Misha. But now that Misha is here, I have no reason to try so hard."

"So… in other words… you will be living  in this world with Misha?" Zach asked with a curious yet confused look on his face.

"Yes." Kayden looked at Misha with a smile on his face and said, "If she is alright with it."

Misha hugged Kayden and said, "Of course I am okay with it."

Zach then turned to Shay and asked, "What about you, Shay?"

"I will be joining the guild," Shay replied.

"Well, good luck then?"

"You too."

After bidding farewell to Shay, Zach left with Aurora, Aria, Kayden, and Misha. They got in the carriage and went back to the land.

"Well, if you are planning to live in this world, then you will need a house, right?" Zach asked Kayden and Misha.

"Yeah, we will buy one with the good scenery," Kayden scoffed.

"I would have offered to live at Aurora's house, but we will exchange the house when we ascend, so… in the end, you two have to get your own house."

Kayden patted Zach's shoulders and said, "Don't worry about me, dude. I may not be as strong as you or other players, but I know how to survive in a new world."

Kayden lived eight years of his life in poverty with his ill mother. He was an illegitimate child of his father, who wasn't even aware of Kayden's existence until Kayden contacted him after his mother's death.

After his mother's death, he moved in with his father, who married Misha's mother soon after.

It was like a new world for Kayden. And soon after, he met Zach and became friends with him after dozens of attempts.

Zach patted Kayden's shoulder with one hand and Misha's head with another before saying, "Take care. You are like a family to me."

"We will invite you to our wedding," Misha said with a grin on her face.

"I will see if I can make time or not," Zach grinned back.

After talking with Kayden and Misha for a while, Zach left for the dungeon with Aria and Aurora.

It was a sentimental day for Zach. 

First, the stuff that happened with Aria at night. Then, meeting with Victoria in the morning. And then break up. After that, he bid farewell to Shay. And in the end, he bid farewell to Kayden and Misha.

Out of all that, the major impact was his break-up with Victoria.

Zach had already expected that to happen one day. He thought Victoria went to mars and he would never see her again, in the Gods' Impact at least. But when he saw her in front of him, he was genuinely happy.

However, he was aware that their relationship was going downhill, and encountering her suddenly in a situation like that wasn't going to end well.

Although, Zach wasn't the only one affected by that. Aurora was feeling the same.

Aurora felt helpless as she couldn't do anything for Zach to help him. But deep down, she was a little happy that Victoria broke up with Zach.

After reaching the dungeon, they cleared the 50th floor and went back to their home. Both Zach and Aurora leveled up by one, while Aria had already met the requirement to ascend to the upper realm.


Total players in the game 409774.

0 new players logged in.

339 players died.


One extra chapter on every 100 golden tickets. 


Author's Note- To be honest, I had planned something else for the farewell part. Shay wasn't going to join the guild yet. Kayden, Misha, and Shay were supposed to join Zach's party and level up. But they had a fight among them, and Shay left the party to join the guild. Kayden was also supposed to join the guild, but as Shay joined, he asked Misha to leave the guild.

So all three of them were going to go their own way (on bad terms). But I changed it while writing, and I like the current one better.

What are your thoughts?

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