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76 Chapter 75- A Relationship
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Gods' Impact Online
Author :NoWoRRyMaN
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76 Chapter 75- A Relationship

"Why did you break up with me over text?"

"Do you know why I sent you that text?" Victoria asked.

"Because…" Zach stopped and squinted his eyes before asking, "This is a trick question, isn't it?"

Victoria let out a weary sigh and said, "You know, my parents wanted me to go with them. But I was dating you, so I denied them. Yet, you got angry and started yelling at me that day."

"Well…" Zach scratched his cheeks and said, "I guess I overreacted. I should have listened to you."

Vitoria gritted her teeth and said, "That wasn't your first time doing that."


"You were always like this. You always thought about yourself," Victoria commented.

"That's not true." Zach shook his head and said, "I loved you, and you know that."

"Hah?!" Victoria scoffed in anger and uttered, "Loved? Loved?! You are saying that you loved me?!"


"Zach, do you even know what love means? We were dating, Zach. We were in a relationship! Do you know what a relationship is?!" Victoria yelled.

"When a couple is in a relationship, they have to take care of each other. It's not only about love; it's about mutual understanding and sacrifices. They have to be there for each other. A relationship is complete when both the boy and the girl invest equal time in a relationship; both the boy and the girl have to compromise!"

"Yeah. And I did all that, didn't I?"

"In your dreams!" Victoria roared. "Zach, do you have any idea how much I cried when we were dating? I cried every time I was alone! I felt so alone, so incomplete!"

"You never said this—"

Victoria interrupted Zach and said, "I will be honest. When we started going out, I wasn't serious about our relationship. But… but… I fell in love with you. Your stupid remarks and arrogant personality. I loved them. Why? Because we both were the same."


"I did everything I could for you. I dressed up well so you would compliment me, but you never did. Okay, that was too girly of me, and I don't blame you." Victoria sniffed and tried her best to hold back her tears.

"When a boy and a girl date, they go to school together. If not, they go home together. But you always went home with Shay and Kayden! Okay, I don't want to sound like a possessive girl, so I will let this one slide too."

Victoria took a deep breath and continued, "I… I gave you my virginity! I called you daddy because you asked me to. I did everything you wanted me to do. Yet…" 

Victoria couldn't hold her tears anymore and started crying.

"Do you remember what happened after we had sex?" she asked while crying. "I woke you up because my parents were going to be home. And what did you do? You wore your clothes and left the house."

"What else was I supposed to do?" Zach asked with a puzzled yet calm look on his face.

"You didn't even ask me how I was feeling. You never asked me if my… my vagina was hurting." Victoria wiped her tears and said, "Do you know why I didn't come to school the next day? Because it was hurting so bad that I couldn't move from my bed! Yet, you never bothered to check up on me. You never called me or even texted me to ask about my condition!"

It was because of Zach's celestial physique, Victoria's human body couldn't contain the pain.

"I also let that one slide. But yet, you never changed," Victoria stated.

"I was going to take our relationship serious after we had sex," Zach asserted in a solemn voice and concerned look on his face for Victoria.

"Oh? And how exactly?" Victoria asked. "You were still a self-centered, selfish, arrogant, narcissist asshole who only thought about his well-being."

"Come on…"

"Correct me if I am lying," Victoria remarked. "You were never there when I needed you. I was always alone. And yes, we never talked in school, we didn't go home together, we never talked on the phone or over text, we never went on a date. We never kissed, and yet when you said you wanted to have sex, I agreed. Because I thought maybe you would finally think about me. Maybe you will… maybe you will love me…"

Zach gulped down and uttered, "But I loved you. And I… I still love you."



"Just remind me of one time where you did something for me, just once…"

Zach tried to recall, but he couldn't remember.

"See? And you still say you love me?" Victoria smiled wryly with tears in her eyes.

After a brief silence, Victoria asserted, "Zach, I was the only one who was thinking about a future where we were together. I was the only one who loved you. I was the only one who compromised in our relationship. I am the one who did everything. I only asked for one thing in return; your love. And in return, you always yelled at me without listening to me. You always misunderstood me. You always…"

Zach couldn't deny any of Victoria's claims because sadly and unfortunately, everything Victoria said was true.

"Zach, I still love you. I truly do. And I don't think I will ever fall in love with someone other than you." Victoria wiped all her tears and looked into Zach's eyes before saying, "But Zach, if I stay in a relationship with you, I will die from inside. Especially when we are trapped in this death game where I need to stay strong. If I stay with you, I will become weak, and I will cry over little things."

"Are you saying that…" Zach bit his tongue on purpose, so he couldn't complete the sentence.

"Yes. This is over!" Vitoria declared. "We are officially breaking up."


Victoria looked at Zach with teary eyes and said, "I hope you find your true love. And I hope you find someone who loves you more than I do."

"I can't say the same to you," Zach uttered in a low voice

After saying that, Victoria left while sobbing.

Zach let out a deep sigh and leaned on the ledge of the balcony.

'Don't lose the sigh of your moon while counting stars.' Zach once again remembered his father's words.

"But father, there were no stars in the sky… not before, nor now…" Zach muttered. 

"But… I guess I wasn't watching over my moon. Maybe I wasn't taking care of my moon?" Zach muttered with a sigh.

'Victoria was my moon before, but it's Aurora now.' Zach looked up and saw two moons in the sky. 

"Can't two moons coexist together?" Zach asked himself.

'What the hell am I thinking?' Zach rubbed his hand on his face and muttered, "I am not like father."

Zach stayed like that for a while and looked down at the scenery with a blank expression on his face.

'So… now we officially broke up, huh? I didn't know being in a relationship could be hard. But well, I am not giving up. I will give Victoria some time to cool down.'


Total players in the game 410140.

0 new players logged in.

35 players died.


One extra chapter on every 100 golden tickets. 


Author's Note-This chapter is based on (many) true stories.

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