Gods' Impact Online
68 Chapter 67- Magic Power
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Gods' Impact Online
Author :NoWoRRyMaN
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68 Chapter 67- Magic Power

After eating breakfast, Zach, Aurora, Kayden, and Shay went to the guildhall. 

Aurora had messaged Ameria to meet them at the guild, so she was on her way too.

Zach and Aurora were walking side by side, and Shay and Kayden were walking right behind them.

Kayden watched Zach and Aurora as they walked and thought after raising his brows: 'Not going to lie, Aurora does look cute. She gives a 'Don't come near me' vibe. I don't know about her personality, but she is arrogant, and her behavior is rude. That's exactly the type of girl Zach likes.'

'It's clear that Aurora has a thing for Zach, but I wonder if Zach has noticed it.' Kayden wondered. 'He probably has. I mean, he managed to land a hit of our school's prettiest girl, so Aurora is nothing.'

Kayden didn't know that Aurora was a princess whose standard alone was higher than all the other players of the game.

'Does Zach like her back?" Kayden thought. 'It would be problematic if he likes her, though. Well, it's Zach we are talking about, he will manage it.'

As Kayden was thinking about Zach and Aurora's relationship, Shay nudged him and whispered, "So, why are we going with them?"

"Because we should learn from Zach?" Kayden replied with a whisper.

"Learn from Zach?" Shay scoffed and said, "Did you forget it's his first time playing a VR game. What can he possibly teach us?"

"Don't forget that he is at a higher level than us," Kayden remarked.

"That's because I haven't been taking this game seriously."

Kayden and Shay were talking in a low voice that wasn't louder than a whisper.

After reaching the guildhall, they met Ameria and went directly to the dungeon.

"Now then…." Zach glanced at Aurora and said, "Since Shay and Kayden are here, we will have to clear the dungeon from floor one. What do you want to do?"

Zach wanted to hear Aurora's response before deciding anything.

"It's okay, I guess?" Aurora replied. "We will level up either way."

"Okay then, let's go."

"Wait…" Aurora turned to Ameria and asked, "What about you, Ameria? Are you okay with it?"

Ameria nodded and said, "You two can go directly to floor 21 if you want to. I will carry your friends."

"Oh?" Zach raised his brows and remarked, "You are being quite bold for a girl who was too shy to speak yesterday."

"I was simply…" Ameria lowered her voice and said, "..trying to help you."

Aurora frowned her face at Zach and shook her head.

Zach sighed at Ameria and thought, 'I have a faint idea of who you are, but I have to make sure before exposing you."

Zach didn't trust Ameria, and he definitely did not want to leave Shay and Kayden with her.

"Let's clear from floor one then," Zach decided.

They entered the first floor, and 20 four-legged monsters spawned.

Zach glanced at Shay and Kayden and nodded, "Go. We will watch your back."

Shay and Kayden dashed at the monsters and started slashing them one by one. However, they weren't paying attention to their surroundings. Both of them were focused on one monster at a time.

As expected, a monster jumped and tried to attack Kayden from behind. Upon seeing that, Zach immediately dashed at the monster, but that monster was slain by someone else.

It was Ameria.

She had a wand in her hand that could turn into a bow and shoot the enemies. It was a classic weapon for all the rangers.

'Oh? So she is not trying to hide now?' Zach thought.

Once Shay and Kayden had slain all the monsters, they gathered up and formed a circle.

"What are your secondary classes?" Zach asked Shay and Kayden.

"Mine is Witcher," Kayden replied.


"So why aren't you guys using it while fighting?" Zach asked with a confused look on his face.

"How are we supposed to use it when we are busy fighting?" Kayden asked with the same expression as Zach.

"What do you mean? You simply need to fire some magic attacks," Zach stated.

Shay quipped in and said, "It's easy for you to say. Your secondary class is a healer, so you wouldn't know. But it's hard to use magic attacks."

"How… is it hard?" Zach couldn't comprehend what Kayden and Shay were trying to say.

"You need a deep concentration to do a proper magic attack," Kayden answered.

"..." Zach knitted his brows and uttered inwardly: 'I can do it without even thinking about it.'

Shay and Kayden were telling the truth. Using magic attacks indeed took a deep concentration, but it was different for Zach.

Of course, Zach couldn't use magic in the real world, so he didn't study, but he trained his body to use magic. He wanted to use magic in the real world, which was the only thing stopping him from becoming like his father. 

Since he couldn't use magic in the real world, he tried and tried, only to fail again and again.

However, After losing his father, Zach stopped everything. But his body remembered the training, and it was capable of rendering any magic without problems.

Not only that, other players couldn't use the intense magic attacks like Zach used when he was trying to save Aurora. They couldn't simply mix two elements to create a new element or a greater power. Only Zach could do that.

After clearing ten floors, Shay snapped and left the dungeon to go to the brothel. Kayden cleared 15 floors and retreated because he was exhausted.

After that, Zach, Aurora, and Ameria cleared the dungeon until floor 40 and retreated.

It was already night time, so Zach and Aurora went to the inn, or they would have, but Aurora could exchange a house now, so they went to buy a new home instead. While Shay and Kayden checked into Zach and Aurora's room at the inn.

Ameria was with Zach and Aurora because 'apparently' her inn was in the same direction. 

After buying the house, Zach turned to Ameria and said, "How about you move in with us?"


Total players in the game 410551.

0 new players logged in.

771 players died.


[Weekly Quest.]

«300 power stones or 100 Golden tickets - 1 chapter.» 

«500 power stones or 200 Golden tickets - 2 chapters.»


Author's Note- Zach is finally going to expose Ameria's identity.

Next chapter in 7 hours! Stay tuned!

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