Gods' Impact Online
66 Chapter 65- Black Fire
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Gods' Impact Online
Author :NoWoRRyMaN
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66 Chapter 65- Black Fire

It was nighttime.

A figure was walking in the forest. It was walking back and forth in all the directions as though it was searching for something.

After some minutes, the figure found an opening of the secret dungeon inside a tree.

The figure walked in and glanced around the hot atmosphere.

The figure was wearing black clothes, black armor, black gloves, black shoes, and a black mask on the face. Everything was black, and no part of its body was visible, not even its eyes.

"Finally…" a sinister male voice uttered. "Finally, I found this secret dungeon."

The masked man walked forward and came across thousands of lava slimes. However, instead of fighting them, the man simply kept walking forward and crushed the slime under his feet.

After that, he reached the bridge and saw a huge door on the other side. 

"There it is."

The man crossed the bridge and stood in front of the closed door that had inscriptions on it.

He sighed and uttered, "Yet another petty puzzle."

The man placed his hand on the door, and it shattered into pieces.

"Now then…" Then, he cracked his fingers and walked inside.

The man walked and walked, but he didn't encounter any monsters.

"Where is the boss?" the man uttered.

The man tapped his feet on the ground and flew in the air. However, instead of landing, he kept hovering in the sky as though he had the ability to fly.

He inspected the entire area from the air and muttered in a disdainful tone: "It's not here."

"Where is it?! Where is the boss?!"

The masked person was the same player who was spreading rumors about that mythical rank weapon. 

For some reason, he had knowledge of all the secrets and hidden information of the Gods' impact. However, he didn't know the exact location of the secret hidings. That's why, he always spread rumors about them so other players would search for it and eventually find it.

It was the same case with the secret boss dungeon and mythical rank weapon, but Zach found it before the masked man.

The masked man was always confident that only he would be able to clear the secret dungeons and defeat secret bosses because they were extremely tough to beat.

"Who was it?! Who dared to take my reward!" the man yelled on top of his lungs.

He took out a black sword from his black sheath and asserted, "I was going to acquire all the hidden weapons, rewards, and powers to create all the gods and become a new god!"

"Who dared to take one of my weapons from me?!" he shouted as though the weapon belonged to him.

"Whoever it was… I will find that player and end them myself," the man uttered as his sword started emitting a black aura.

The man pointed the sword at the ground and asserted, "No matter what happens… I will be the one above all."

The man landed on the ground with intense force and plunged his sword on the ground.

The moment later, the entire dungeon collapsed. The forest was caught on black fire, and the town near the forest, where nearly 40000 players were residing, was obliterated.

The man walked out of the fire and placed his sword back in his sheath.

"Time to find a new secret location."

His nametag wasn't purple because he killed the NPCs, nor was it red because he killed the players, and it obviously wasn't green. His name tag was black, and his name was 'Overlord'.

Zach had unknowingly angered many powerful beings who were after his head. However, he was currently singing lullabies to Aurora.



Zach woke up ten hours later and found Aurora sleeping on his lap.

"..." he raised his brows and thought, 'Don't tell me she didn't move in her sleep?'

Zach had fallen asleep while sleeping when he was singing lullabies to Aurora. He was used to falling asleep in harsh conditions due to his strict training in his childhood.

Zach's face turned pale when he realized he was experiencing a problem that most of the males do when waking up in the morning.

'This is bad. If Aurora sees this, she would feel a tad more uncomfortable around me. In order to not let her see me in this condition, I need to move. But if I move, she will wake up. And if she wakes up, she will see me.'

Zach was facing a major dilemma in his life. Sure he was used to dealing with any situation and adapting to it. However, it was his first time getting into this situation.

'I am seriously going to lose my control one day…'

Zach had only one option, and that was to wait for his little brother to calm down. 

While doing that, Zach's gaze fell on Aurora's juicy red lips. Then, his gaze moved down to Aurora's chest, which was uncovered by the blanket. Zach could almost see Aurora's cleavage, but he shook his head and thought, 'You will get a chance to see them one day.'

'Hopefully,' he added.

Zach moved his hand to cover Aurora's chest with the blanket, but he accidentally ended up touching them.

'So soft! Just like— no, I shouldn't compare.' Zach tried to compare the softness of Aurora's breasts with his ex-girlfriend's breasts.

After covering Aurora's chest with the blanket, Zach moved his hand to Aurora's lips and rubbed them with his thumb.

'I don't even know what I am doing!'

Zach inserted his finger into Aurora's mouth, and much to his surprise, Aurora started sucking it.

'What is she, a kid?!'

Zach pulled his finger out from Aurora's mouth and let out a weary sigh.

He stood up and carefully placed Aurora's head on the bed without waking her up.

Zach left the room after muttering, "I should go order breakfast in the meantime."

Yesterday, Zach and Aurora had to stand and wait for the tables to get empty; it was that crowded. And then their order took half an hour to arrive. 

Zach didn't want the same thing to happen again, so he went downstairs, booked the table, and ordered breakfast on his and Aurora's behalf.

However, when he was coming back upstairs, he heard a familiar voice calling his name.

The tavern was crowded, so it took a while for Zach to find the source of the voice.

After glancing around for some seconds, Zach saw two familiar faces waving their hands at him.


Total players in the game 411701.

0 new players logged in.

40132 players died.


[Weekly Quest.]

«300 power stones or 100 Golden tickets - 1 chapter.» 

«500 power stones or 200 Golden tickets - 2 chapters.»


Author's Note- Any guess on who they could be? (It's pretty obvious tbh.)

Also, I cannot believe I wrote 9 chapters in 2 days. I haven't slept yet so I will probably pass out at any second.

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