Gods' Impact Online
59 Bonus chapter Chapter 58- Kiss
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Gods' Impact Online
Author :NoWoRRyMaN
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59 Bonus chapter Chapter 58- Kiss

"Why am I missing her, though? I mean, my first relationship was with her, but it's not like she was my first love. I have had plenty of crushes, but I didn't miss them like I am missing her." Zach uttered to himself.

"Is it because we never had a proper breakup?" Zach wondered. "We didn't talk after our last fight, and then she never came to school. The last thing I heard was that the ship to mars had departed."

Zach and his girlfriend never officially broke up. But it wasn't as though they were going to meet again, or so Zach had thought.

As he was pondering about that, Zach remembered something.

"Wait a damn minute…" Zach raised his brows and uttered, "How did that party in the inn know that this chimera would spawn a mythical weapon?"

"It wasn't mentioned anywhere, and the monster itself was a secret boss. Plus, there is no way an ordinary human was able to pass through the gate."

Zach initially thought that Eren was the one who told the party to spread the rumors, but that wasn't the case.

"I guess there is only one way to find out," Zach asserted. He cracked his fingers and said, "I will need to have a 'nice' chat with the party."

Zach opened his menu and looked at his stats.

Level 21.

HP- 10500/135000

ATK- 440 (x2)

Physical Strength- 440 (x2)

Mental Strength- 800

Soul Strength- 0

Physical DEF- 410 (x2)

Mental DEF- 730

Soul DEF- 0

AGILITY- 545 (x2)

MP- 200/∞

EXP- 240500/250000 (to level up.)

Physique- Celestial- Max.

Class- Cultivator. (Maxed)

Secondary class- Mage

Guild- Not joined.

Affiliation- None (Not worshipping a god.)

Karma points- 0

(Karma points are blessings and favors of gods. They can be used to pray to the gods and ask anything in return.) (Terms and conditions applied.)

Marital status- Single.

Title- 1) Forbidden Existence. 2) Child of Atrocity. 3) Sign of Impurity. 4) The Last Survivor

Skill- 1) Martial Warrior. 2) Dominator's Touch

"They added some new things…" Zach muttered.

After that, Zach stood up and patted on clothes to clear the dirt from them. He stretched his hands and yawned loudly.

"That was a nice nap," he said with his eyes closed. Then, he raised his brows and opened his eyes before saying, "That was a nice nap."

"How long have I been here?!" Zach exclaimed.

He looked at the time in his menu and saw it was 4:32 AM in the morning.

Zach was feeling more tense than he felt when he was fighting the level 100 chimera.

"What if Aurora had woken up?" he asked himself.

Zach immediately rushed back to the inn.

It took him more than an hour to get to the boss' door from the inn, but it only took him 10 minutes to get back.

Zach entered the room and slowly walked to the bed.

Aurora was facing her back to the door, so Zach couldn't see whether she was awake or not.

Zach peeked on the side and saw Aurora was fast asleep.


Zach sighed in relief and lay on the other side of the bed with his back facing Aurora.

'I need to find a good opportunity to give the sword to Aurora. She said her birthday was in three months, but that will be six months in this game.'

'Well, I will think about that later. Even if I give her the sword now, she won't be able to use it until she reaches level 25.'

Zach closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Meanwhile, Aurora opened her eyes and glanced at Zach without turning back.

'Where was he all night?' she asked herself. 'Was he with some other girl?'

'Or maybe… he went to the brothel?' Aurora wondered.

Indeed. There were brothels in every town, but Zach wasn't even aware of it. He had no idea that brothels existed in Gods' impact. However, even if he knew, he wouldn't go to a place like that.

'Well… even if he did. I have no right to get angry. We are only traveling companions. He said we are friends, but I want us to be more than that.'

Aurora let out a deep sigh and turned around without thinking, and she bumped her nose on Zach's head.

'Ouch!' Aurora covered her mouth with her head to stop herself from yelling.

After a while, she fell asleep too.



Four hours later.

Aurora slowly opened her eyes after having a nice sleep. But her heart stopped when she saw Zach's face was right in front of her.

There was little to no space between their faces, and their lips were almost touching each other. If any of them moved, even a little, they would end up kissing.

However, Zach was still asleep, and Aurora had a perfect chance to kiss Zach without getting in trouble. Even if Zach woke up, she could simply say it was by mistake as it was a reasonable excuse.

Aurora looked at Zach's lips and wondered, 'Should I do it?'

'Only our lips will touch. It won't be the deep kiss like they do in the movies, but a kiss is still a kiss, right?' Aurora asked herself.

She slowly puckered her lips and moved them forward, but just as her lips were about to touch Zach's lips, she stopped and thought, 'This will be our first kiss.'

'Do I want my first kiss and our first kiss to be like this? I always thought my first skill would be special and romantic. If I kiss him now, not only will I miss the special feelings, but I will lose my first kiss too.'

'It's as though I am taking advantage of him sleeping.'

After thinking for a while, Aurora decided not to kiss Zach.

She slowly backed off and tried to move, but Zach accidentally moved forward and ended up kissing Aurora— although only their lips touched, a kiss was a kiss.

Aurora's face flushed as her eyes widened in surprise. Even when she was saving her first kiss for a special occasion, it ended up like this. But regardless, she was happy.


Total players in the game 454202

0 new players logged in.

430 players died.


[Weekly Quest.]

«Week ended»


Author's Note- The next daily chapter, which was supposed to be out in 7 hours, will be a little late.

I am feeling a little depressed for some reason, and I don't want the quality of this book to suffer because of my mood.

PS- Suggest a good name for Zach's ex-girlfriend.

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