Gods' Impact Online
58 Chapter 57- Imminent Threa
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Gods' Impact Online
Author :NoWoRRyMaN
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58 Chapter 57- Imminent Threa

[You… who are… you?] the chimera asked in a faint voice.

"You tell me." Zach placed the fire sword on his shoulders and asked with a vicious smirk on his face: "Who do you think I am?"

The chimera looked into Zach's eyes, and something reflected within them. It saw something that couldn't be described.

[I see… so you are 'her' kin… you have a god's blood inside you...]

Zach released all his remaining mana into the sword and slashed the chimera's lion head.


"What a letdown…"

The sword disappeared from Zach's hand as he used up all his mana. He looked at his HP and saw the poison effect had also stopped.

"I don't want to say it was an easy battle considering I lost my HP and all of my MP…" Zach let out a weary sigh and stumbled on his feet as he struggled to stand still.

He defeated a level 100 secret boss who had 5000000 HP, without breaking a sweat. It was indeed a tough battle. Even Zach couldn't have defeated the chimera if he didn't have the advantage of infinite MP.

However, the main reason he was able to defeat a level 100 monster was his strict childhood training. His knowledge and experience of martial arts of the battlefield helped him.

[Congratulations! Quest 'Slay level 80 monster.' has been completed!]

[Congratulations! You have received the reward of completing the Quest. Reward- 50000 coins.]

[Received 200000 EXP!]

The chimera's body vanished, and two things appeared in front of Zach. One was a crimson sword, and another was a red core.

'Isn't red core essential for cultivating physique? It's pretty much useless for me unless I sell it to someone…'

Zach stopped when he saw [Non-transferable] on the screen.

"What should I do with it?" Zach pondered. "I can eat it. Wait… it's the chimera's core, so can't I revive it and use the chimera as my pet?"

That was indeed possible. But Zach currently had no abilities or any knowledge on that.

'I couldn't use magic in the real world, so I didn't bother learning anything that contained magic…'

"I will keep the core in my inventory, for now."

Zach then held the sword in his hand and read its stats.

[Mythical rank sword.]

[+300 ATK]

"Ooo~" Zach was excited after seeing the first benefit of the sword.

[1.5x XP gain]


[Gives one physique point on each kill]

"Noice! That means, as long as Aurora kills enough monsters, she is guaranteed to cultivate her physique points."

[Special skill- Locked]

(Note- This sword can only be equipped by a level 25 player. Once this sword is equipped, it will become soul-bound to the player.)

"At least I can gift it to Aurora…" Zach sighed in relief and muttered, "Imagine if I couldn't transfer this sword too."

Zach had used up all his adrenaline, and now he needed a little rest. He dropped to his knees and later laid down on the ground. He looked at the sky and uttered, "So beautiful."

However, he didn't look at his surroundings; He had destroyed everything.

Zach closed his eyes for a while and decided to take a little nap.



Meanwhile, in the heavens.

[Attention! Attention!] an angel yelled in the hall of the heavens.

[What is it?] a god asked.

[Can't you see we are busy planning more schemes and monsters for our online world?] The second god asserted.

[The abomination! Someone has slain it!] the angel announced.

[What?!] the first god exclaimed.

[Impossible!] -Second god

[How?!] - Third God

[Who dares?!] -Fourth god.

[Preposterous!] -Fifth god.

[Blasphemy!] - Sixth God.

[How could someone do that?!]- Seventh god.

[How did someone manage to slay the abomination?!] -Eight god.

[We had locked it inside a gate that the gods could only open!] -Ninth God.

[Whodunit?!] -Tenth god.

[Even if someone managed to enter the gate, how in the heavens did they manage to slay the abomination?!] -Eleventh God.

[There is a traitor among us!] - Twelfth God.

The entire hall of heaven, which was filled with the 12 gods and their respective angels, became hostile towards each other.

[Who was it? Who is the traitor?! ]the first god yelled as the cloud thundered.

[Why would any of us do that?]

[This is impossible. Everyone knows that if any of us betray, the heavens will go on a war. The higher gods would be angered, and they would get rid of us.]

[Stop this nonsense. No one has betrayed anyone.]

[Then how did someone manage to slay the abomination? It was one of our best weapons. We were going to use it to surprise the humans.]

[It doesn't matter. We shall create something more powerful. We are bored anyways.]

[Also, find who slayed the abomination. We have to get rid of that human as soon as possible!]

[Indeed. Whoever it was must be eradicated. It can become a threat to us.]

[Who are you kidding? A threat to us, the almighty gods?] the seventh god laughed out loud.

[We can crush anything just by our presence. We can blow away everything just by a soft sigh. We can obliterate anything with a simple snap. What can possibly endanger us?]

[Gabriel. I hereby assign you as the world boss of the first realm. Exterminate any player who comes to challenge you. Failures will not be tolerated.]

[Your words are my commands.] Gabriel bowed down to all the gods and said, [I shall show my worth to be a god.]



Meanwhile, Zach heard a faint voice calling his name.

"Zach. Zach. Wake up." It was a sweet female voice.

Zach felt as though someone was repeatedly patting on his cheek. He opened his eyes and closed them a second later.

Zach was sleeping on a soft, warm bed.

"Hey, wake up. My parents will be home soon," the voice said.

Zach opened his eyes and saw a girl sleeping naked beside him. She was looking at him with a slight smile on her face.

"Hmm… What time is it?" Zach asked with his eyes still closed. He was still feeling sleepy.

"It's almost midnight," the girl answered.

Zach was wide awake after hearing that.

He opened his eyes and saw the sky.

"..." He sighed and sat up.

"Why am I having dreams about her? Am I missing her?" Zach asked himself after having a dream about his ex-girlfriend.


Total players in the game 454632

0 new players logged in.

337 players died.


[Weekly Quest.]

200 power stones or 50 Golden tickets - 1 chapter.» (reached)

«500 power stones or 100 Golden tickets - 3 chapters.»


Author's Note- I was getting my hopes high by expecting to hit 500 powerstone.

Many thanks to those who vote every day. Thanks for reading!

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