Gods' Impact Online
57 Chapter 56- Rampage
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Gods' Impact Online
Author :NoWoRRyMaN
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57 Chapter 56- Rampage

Zach whipped the fire chain on the ground and provoked the chimera.

The spot where Zach whipped the fire chain cracked by the impact, but Zach didn't notice it. He was planning dozens of ways to deal with the chimera. He was thinking of what and how he would attack if his one attack failed.

The chimera dashed at Zach, but instead of dodging or jumping, Zach simply stood there and kept swinging the chain in the air.

The chimera flapped its wings to push Zach back and jump to crush him. However, Zach swung the fire chain at the chimera and caught its leg.

"Gotcha!" Zach used all his strength and swung the chain and chimera with it.

The chimera's leg was tied with the chain, and its body was hitting all over the places; mountains, rocks, trees, ground. Zach swung it as long as he could and pulled the chain.

The chimera's leg was cut off by force, and its body was sent flying far away on the other side of the forest.

Zach retracted the chain and turned it into a fire spear.

"Here goes nothing…!"

Zach started running and threw the spear in the direction where the chimera was sent flying.

Meanwhile, the chimera stood up on its three legs and tried to run, but it couldn't even walk properly.

Then, it saw a shooting star in the sky, but it soon realized it was a fire spear.

The chimera desperately flapped its wings to fly, even a little so it could dodge the spear. After flapping its wings a couple of times, it finally managed to fly away before the spear could hit it.

However, just as the spear was about to land on the ground, Zach appeared out of nowhere and grabbed the spear. He swung his body in a circle and threw the spear at the flying chimera.

The chimera yelled in pain as the spear penetrated and passed through its body.

HP- [4375000/5000000]

"You should have asked me to kill you nicely when I was asking." Zach summoned the spear back and turned it into a sword before jumping at the chimera and cutting its goat head off.

"Now die a death you deserve."

HP- [3575000/5000000]

'It has been 1 minute. I can only use my gloves for about five more minutes before I run out of MP.'

Without wasting his time, Zach turned the sword into the fire chain and grabbed the chimera's dragon head with it.

"Tch!" Zach clicked his tongue and thought, 'The scales are hard to cut through. I should have aimed for the lion's head.'

This weapon crafting ability had one more special skill. Zach could release a certain amount of mana into the weapon to deal higher damage. It was similar to his DT skill, but the damage here was different; it was multiplied by the ATK and MP used.

Zach used the chain as a rope and pulled himself in the air. The chain was still wrapped around the dragon's head, and it was dealing constant damage.


Zach used the special skill of the ability and released 1000 MP into the fire chain.

The chimera grunted in pain as its dragon head was chopped off.

HP- [2575000/5000000]

'Three more minutes.' Zach looked at the chimera's HP and muttered, "It's doable if I do it right. Failure is not an option.'

If Zach ran out of MP, it was pretty much impossible for him to deal high DMG to the chimera using only his martial arts skills and no weapon.

Luckily, he still had MP potions to save him.

Zach was still in the air from his previous jump, and the only thing he could land on was the chimera's body. He quickly turned the fire chain into a spear and forced himself down to penetrate the chimera's body.

However, before he could land, the chimera's fourth head, its tail, the venomous snake attacked Zach and bit him on the leg.

The snake's bite had a similar effect as the cursed dagger. Zach's HP was slowly decreasing.

"No time to worry about that. I am sure it will stop if I kill the snake… the chimera to be exact."

Zach placed the spear on his leg where the snake bit him and muttered, "I have to remember this mistake."

Zach wanted to go near the chimera, but now that it had only one head and one tail left, it was furious.

'Its speed has also increased because it has lost weight..'

Zach turned the spear into a bow and aimed the arrow at the snake's head. However, the snake caught the arrow with his sharp fangs and ate it.

Zach turned the bow into a sword and dashed at the chimera. But, he didn't attack it.

He ran past it and climbed the nearby mountain.

"One more minute…"

Zach had no time to waste, but he could decide what plan to use.

He turned the sword into a chain-sickle and swung it at the chimera. He aimed one side of the -chain-sickle to the snake's head and jumped down.

Zach knew that the snake would grab the sickle, and he used that opportunity to attack the chimera's body.

He landed on the chimera's body and plunged the other side of the chain-sickle into its body.

Upon experiencing pain, the snake let go of the sickle and launched itself to attack Zach.

Zach grabbed the snake with his bare hands and crushed it before plucking it out of the chimera's body.

HP- [1375000/5000000]

Then, he retracted the sickle and increased the size of the spear to penetrate it further into the chimera's body. He jumped into the air and kicked the spear for it to pass through the chimera's body.

Zach landed on the ground and cleaved the remaining legs of the chimera, leaving it helpless with nothing but one head and a limbless body.

HP- [875000/5000000]

"It still has this much HP even in this state?" Zach uttered in disbelief.

Zach heard a flapping sound and noticed he had forgotten about the chimera wings.

"Right…" Zach swung the chain at the wings and severed them.

HP- [575000/5000000]

"Now then…" Zach walked to the chimera's lion head and looked into its eyes. "Where is your punchline?"


Total players in the game 454969

0 new players logged in.

432 players died.


[Weekly Quest.]

200 power stones or 50 Golden tickets - 1 chapter.» (reached)

«500 power stones or 100 Golden tickets - 3 chapters.»


Author's Note- Do you guys prefer long fight scenes or short ones?

Also, I know this might be late, but happy thanksgiving to everyone!

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