Gods' Impact Online
56 Chapter 55- Lord Abomination
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Gods' Impact Online
Author :NoWoRRyMaN
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56 Chapter 55- Lord Abomination

The monster's size was nothing compared to the monsters Zach had fought before; it was enormous.

The monster was a chimera, and its entire body was fire and hot lava. It had two wings, four legs, three heads, and one huge tail. One head was a dragon, the second head was a lion-like monster, and the third was a goat-like monster. All the heads had long and sharp fangs. They also had pointy horns, and all of their eyes were dripping red lava. The tail of the chimera was a snake with fangs; seemingly, also the fourth head.

The chimera's head and eyes were in a position that they would see in all directions.

Level 100- Lord Abomination

HP- [5000000]

"Only the gods can create such a disgusting monster," Zach scoffed. "And his name ruined the impact. What a lame name."

The chimera stood up and flapped its wings once with a loud roar. The rocks and mountains were shattered, and the trees around turned into ashes because of the hot air.

Zach was pushed back by the pressure of the wind, but it was like a hot breeze for him. However, his clothes caught fire.

Zach casually tapped on his clothes and uttered, "Not bad."

If it was an ordinary player, even a level 100 player, they would have died on impact. But Zach was unharmed because of his celestial physique.

'This fire is nothing compared to the lava in Aria's domain. Here, it is like a smoldering fire.'

[Who dares to challenge me?!] the chimera uttered from its goat mouth.

'Oh! It can speak?' This was Zach's first time meeting a monster who could speak.

"Well, that makes things easier…" Zach raised his voice and said, "I am here for the mythical rank sword! Give it to me, and I will be on my way!"

Of course, Zach knew that wasn't going to happen, but it was worth a try.

[How dare you?! I can crush puny beings like you under my feet!]

The chimera flapped its wings and flew up before landing on top of Zach to crush him. However, Zach jumped back and landed on the ledge of the mountain.

Zach was now at the same height as the chimera, but he climbed further and looked down on the chimera.

Zach didn't like when someone looked down on him unless they were his masters or his father.

"Well, if you want to die so badly, then why don't you try asking nicely?!" Zach scoffed out loud. Maybe try saying 'please'?"

[How dare you?!]

"Don't you get tired of saying 'How Dare you?!' again and again? You should work on your vocabulary," Zach sneered. "Maybe you should try to go outside and meet people. Stop being a NEET and get a job."

The dragon's head on the chimera brimmed with lava as it shot a molten fire at Zach.

Zach jumped and landed on the floor before jumping on top of the mountain. When he looked back at the mountain, it had completely melted.

"That… might be dangerous."

Zach was now taking the monster seriously.

However, the chimera didn't stop and kept shooting fireballs at Zach.

Zach ran, jumped, dodged, climbed, and repeated the same actions again and again as he thought of a plan to deal with the chimera.

'What should I do? I have 3500 MP left, so I can easily deal 3500000 HP DMG to the monster just by touching it. But I have to do something about the remaining 1500000 HP.'

'Should I use the MP potions?' Zach asked himself.

Zach had forty-eight 50MP potions with him, and he could easily end the monster in one hit after using them. However, it took Zach 10 days to craft those potions. If he used them now, he would have to waste ten more days creating the new potions. That's why, Zach was keeping the potions as his last resort.

"Besides, I will have to go near it to touch it, and I don't think this monster likes skinship."

Zach grabbed a palm-sized rock and threw it at the chimera's body. The second the rock touched the chimera's body, it turned into lava.

"And… he doesn't bathe either…"

In the last ten days, Zach had been working on his DT skill to use it in different ways. Not only that, he used his crafting skill to craft a link with his gloves.

The gloves didn't allow Zach to use another weapon, so he created a new ability that he could use with the gloves.

He created magic weapons which he could summon using his MP, and the gloves were working as a medium to create them.

[How dare you?!]

"The developers of this game were so lazy that they didn't script the dialogues properly," Zach snorted.

"Alright!" Zach clapped his hands and asserted, "I will play with you a little."

Zach beckoned the chimera and said, "Come to daddy."

After a second, Zach regretted saying that. It reminded him of his ex-girlfriend.

All three heads of the chimera roared at the same time and dashed at Zach. It used its wings to increase its speed.

Zach took a deep breath and muttered, "Here goes nothing."

Zach summoned a fire-sword in his hand and said, "This uses 10MP per second. I hope it's worth it."

Zach waited for the chimera to come near him and dashed past it.


"Tch!" Zach clicked his tongue as the chimera's horn landed near his feet.

Then, he looked at the chimera's HP and saw it was down by 5000 HP

HP- [4995000/ 5000000]

"This is going to take a while, so let's wrap it up with a chain." Even at a dire time like this, Zach's mind was passing jokes.

Zach clenched the fire-sword with his fist and rubbed his hand over it. The fire sword turned into a fire chain.

Zach whipped the chain on the ground and said, "Time to discipline you."


Total players in the game 455401

0 new players logged in.

231 players died.


[Weekly Quest.]

200 power stones or 50 Golden tickets - 1 chapter.»

«500 power stones or 100 Golden tickets - 3 chapters.»


Author's Note- The closest thing I can describe as the fire chain is this.

Also, I have added the picture of the chimera in the second paragraph's comment. If you missed it, you might want to look at it.

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