Gods' Impact Online
50 Chapter 49- Limited Stock
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Gods' Impact Online
Author :NoWoRRyMaN
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50 Chapter 49- Limited Stock

Aurora expected her relationship with Zach to advance because they started living together, but nothing happened.

It has been ten days since Zach and Aurora ascended to the first realm and started living together, but they did nothing at that time.

Aurora would often go out to stroll around the town and shop for groceries, but Zach never got out of the house. Zach would only come out of his room to eat.

On the morning of the eleventh day, Aurora dashed into his room to see what he was doing, and much to her surprise, Zach wasn't there.

'Where did he go?' Aurra asked herself. 'I didn't see him leaving.'

She got out of Zach's room and searched the entire house to find him.

'Did he leave while I was bathing? But I didn't hear the sound of the door opening.' Aurora assumed Zach left the house to do something.

She was certain that Zach didn't leave her behind as his belongings, such as his sword and dagger, were still in his room.

"Well, I will go check the market. I also need to buy stuff for dinner…" Aurora walked to her room to get her weapon.

When she entered the room, she found Zach standing in her room.

"What are you doing here?!" Aurora yelled in surprise.

Zach turned around and looked at Aurora after saying, "I was waiting for you."

"Then you should have waited in the living room! How would I know you were in the room if I wasn't informed?" Aurora hissed. "And don't you know, you shouldn't enter a girl's room without permission."

"Is that so?"

"Your sister must have yelled at you or called you a pervert whenever you entered her room without knocking, right?" Aurora was still comparing her current situation with rom-com shows.

"My sister doesn't have a room. She is 10… or 11. I am not sure," Zach asserted.

"What about you then? You must also get angry when someone enters your room uninvited, right?"

"I don't have a room either. Actually, my house is…" Zach glanced around the corners of the room and said, "Yeah. It should be the same size as this room."

"..." Aurora knitted her brows and asked, "You are kidding, right?"

It was natural for Aurora to not believe Zach. In fact, no one would have believed it. After all, if one could play a VR game, it was hard to think of that person as a poor class.

"Yeah. I was kidding," Zach scoffed and said, "My house should be similar to this one, but we have two stories."

Aurora sighed in relief and uttered inwardly: 'I am glad I didn't touch a sensitive topic.'

"So, why are you here?" Aurora asked curiously.

Zach pointed his finger at the table where 50 MP potions were sitting on the table.

"What is… that?" Aurora asked with an oblivious look on her face.

"Try grabbing one," Zach advised.

Aurora grabbed one bottle in her hand and inspected it from all sides.

"Is this… some kind of weapon?" Aurora wondered.

Zach chuckled and asked, "What does it say when you grab it?"

"It says 'non-usable item,'" Aurora answered.

'Hmm. So they are unusable even when I give them to someone. It seems the only way to use them is to trade it through the magic shop.'

Zach grabbed another bottle from the table and smashed it near Aurora's feet.

Aurora jumped back in surprise and glared at Zach.

"Did something happen?" Zach asked curiously.


"Oh?" Zach raised his brows and asked, "What?"

Aurora frowned her face and smashed the bottle in her hand near Zach's feet, yelling, "This happened."


Zach's MP increased by 50.

[3250/ ∞]

'So it doesn't work like this either…' Zach let out a weary sigh and moved all the bottles into his inventory.

The broken pieces of the bottle automatically disappeared when they hit the floor.

"What are they?" Aurora asked again.

"Potions," Zach replied nonchalantly.

"But potions don't exist in this game…"

"Now they do."

"But why couldn't I use them?" Aurora believed everything Zach said because she had no reason to not believe him.

"You have to buy them from the magic shop in order to use them," Zach answered and glanced at Aurora with a grin on his face. "But don't worry. I will give you a discount."

Zach used nearly 8000 MP to create fifty 50 MP potions. About 5500 MP wasted.

'I am out of magic powder too…'

Zach wanted to increase the effectiveness of his crafting ability so he could craft without wasting many resources. He currently had limited stock of the potions. He planned to sell 30 potions to the magic shop and keep 20— now 18, for himself to use them in emergency cases.

After Gabriel's announcement, the players started taking the game seriously. While there were still some, who played the game casually. The problematic were the players who began to take the game too seriously.

Zach was neither of them. He knew that trying too hard to beat the game wouldn't take him out of the gods; impact. His physique was already maxed, so all he had to worry about was to level up. But after Gabriel's announcement, Zach had to prepare himself for the bigger battles; the battles with the angels and gods.

"So, you invaded my room to show me the potions?" Aurora asked with a confused yet calm look on her face.

"No, there is one more thing. We are going to go out today, so get ready," Zach asserted.

"Are we going to clear dungeons?" Aurora asked curiously.

"No." Zach shook his head and uttered in a solemn voice: "You must have realized that clearing dungeons and towers only give rewards and EXP to the players. It doesn't give physique points."


Zach left Aurora's room after saying, "We will be leaving after 10 minutes. No need for breakfast. We might as well eat it in the restaurant."

Aurora watched Zach leave and raised her brows in confusion, 'Why was he speaking in a monotonous tone?'

Aurora didn't realize something, which Zach realized some seconds ago.


Total players in the game 457952

0 new players logged in.

49069 players died.


[Weekly Quest.]

«Week ended.»


Author's Note - Extra chapter coming up in 30 minutes!

Question- What did Zach realize, and what's the reason he acted like that?

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    《Gods' Impact Online》