Gods' Impact Online
44 Bonus chapter Chapter 43- Trader
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Gods' Impact Online
Author :NoWoRRyMaN
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44 Bonus chapter Chapter 43- Trader

The woman slammed her hands on the stall and said, "I am being serious here! How did you manage to get a potion?!"

Zach scoffed and shrugged his shoulders with a smirk on his face. "A magician never reveals his secret."

"Do you have any idea what you have done?!" the woman said with a furious look on her face.

"I do."

"There is a reason why potions don't exist in this online world. You are going to destroy the economy of this world!"

"Quite the contrary." Zach casually yawned and said, "I am going to bring a revolution to this game."

The woman sighed and asked, "What type of potion is this?"

"It's an MP potion," Zach replied and added, "50 MP potion."

The woman held the bottle in her hand and looked at the shiny yellow liquid inside it.

"So, what is your plan, and why are you showing this to me?" the woman asked with a curious look on her face.

"Uhh… can I ask for your name?"

After a brief silence, the woman said, "It's Lua, Xie Lua."

"Xie Lua, I was to propose a fair trade," Zach uttered with a serious look on his face.

"Oh? So you are asking me to trade this potion with the gloves?" Xie Lua asked with an amused expression on her face.

"No." Zach shook his head and said, "I will be getting your gloves for free."

"...!" Xie Lua's face showed clear shock. She furrowed her brows and asked, "I think you don't know the terms of the trading, young man."

"Oh, I do. And you are going to agree to my terms, soon." Zach took a deep breath and said, "I am giving you this potion, not to sell, but to bid."

Xie Lua nodded in amusement and said, "Go ahead and tell me more. But first, what is the lowest bid?"

"Only 1 Royal grade jade one."

"Only 1?! Isn't that way too cheap?!" Xie Lua exclaimed.

"I think you don't know the terms of the bidding, young woman," Zach said, seemingly imitating Xie Lua once again.

"Oh, you flatter me. I am not young. Uhh... Let's say, I might be 1000 times older than your father."

Zach immediately furrowed his brows and uttered with a furious look on his face: "Don't mention my father. You don't even know him."

"I was simply giving an example… anyway, are you sure you want to sell it at one royal grade jade rune?" Xie Lua asked again.

"I have no intention of selling it. You have to keep it as an exhibition." Zach shrugged his shoulders and said, "I honestly don't know its value. They might not exist in the game, but in the end, it is just a potion. So I want to put it on the bed and see how much one is willing to pay. Then, I will make an average of all the bids and set the price according to that."

"I see." Xie Lua chuckled and uttered, "You seem to have been trained at trading."

"My family runs a cake shop… um, a bakery," Zach uttered with a soft smile on his face.

Xie Lua quietly nodded and said, "I think it's an amazing idea. The magic shop only uses jade runes as currency, which is non-transferable from one player to another. So, the players who are strong or have enough Jade runes will be able to buy the potion. It has both advantages and disadvantages for players. But at least, they won't abuse the real-world currency because they happen to be rich in the real world."

For some reason, that statement reminded Zach of Shay.

"That's my plan," Zach nodded in agreement.

"So…" Xie Lua tossed the bottle to Zach and asked, "What's in it for me? And why should I give you my precious gloves for free?"

"I will make you the exclusive seller of the potions once it gets enough attention."

"How much % will I get from that? And what are my benefits?" Xie Lua asked curiously.

"10% of each potion sold. I am also thinking of creating 100 MP and 500 MP potions in the future— once I get used to making them."

"10% is too little! Make it 30%," Xie Lua insisted.

"No can do. You are not doing any work here. You just have to sell it. Even the appearance of the magic shop is rare, so your customers must be limited right now." Zach tossed the potion back to Xie Lua and asserted, "But once you start selling my potions, I am damn sure you will get tons of customers daily."

"O~Kay~" Xie Lua then pointed her gaze at the gloves and said, "And why should I give you my gloves for free?"

"As proof of our trading relationship?" Zach replied with a grin.

Zach needed Xie Lua to sell his potions. In short, he needed the magic shop. He couldn't sell his potions directly to the players even if he wanted to. Of course, that included using them too.

The potions could only be used by the player who had them. That was the reason why Zach never used his potion on Aurora because he couldn't use it on her.

The potions were non-transferable, meaning Zach couldn't sell them to the players in exchange for coins or items. And that's why, he needed Xie Lua and her magic shop.

"Hahaha!" Xie Lua began to laugh out loud after hearing Zach's reasoning. She handed her gloves to Zach and said, "Pleasure to have business with you."

Zach took the gloves and shook hands with Xie Lua to end the deal and begin a new one.

[Congratulations! Your Class 'Crafter' has evolved to 'Trader.'!]

'Nice. Now my plan is in action.' There was one thing Zach didn't tell Xie Lua.

Once Zach would trade enough potions, his Trader class would evolve to the max and become 'Merchant.'

The merchant class would give Zach the ability to sell anything in the game, including potions. Then, he would no longer need Xie Lua. Zach wanted to open his own magic shop, so in the end, Xie Lua would be essential to him.

After that, Zach left through the portal and went back to the garden.

Meanwhile, Xie Lua pulled out the smoking pipe from the hair bun and tapped it on the stall. Smoke came out of the pipe as a cold breeze swayed her hair left and right.

She smoked from the pipe and exhaled sharply. Then, she looked in the direction Zach went and muttered, "Like father, like son."


Total players in the game 507969

0 new players logged in.

129 players died.


[Weekly Quest.]

«Week ended.»


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