Gods' Impact Online
35 Chapter 34- Tower vs Dungeons
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Gods' Impact Online
Author :NoWoRRyMaN
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35 Chapter 34- Tower vs Dungeons

Zach woke up and rubbed his eyes. He yawned and stretched his hands in the air.

"That was a nice sleep."

Zach opened his status menu to see how much MP did he cultivate while sleeping.

"900… not bad," Zach muttered.

He then looked at his quest menu to see his new quests.

[«Quest- Cultivate 5000 MP.»

‹Time- 6 days.›

«Reward- ???.»

Progress- 1300/5000.]

"This is the old one." Zach pondered for a while and uttered, "Even if I cultivate for three hours daily, I can finish this quest in under four days."

"Although I am more curious about the reward," he added.

[«Quest- Equip a mythical grade rank weapon.»

‹Time- ∞.›

«Reward- 50 Royal grade jade runes.»

"I already have the mythical rank weapon." Zach conjured the cursed dagger in his hand and saw the prompt.

[Congratulations! Quest 'Equip a mythical grade rank weapon.' has been completed!]

[Congratulations! You have received the reward of completing the Quest. Reward- 50 Royal grade jade runes.]


It hasn't even been a minute since he woke up, and he has already finished one Quest.

[«Quest- Deal 50000 DMG within one second.»

‹Time- 24 hours.›

«Reward- 1000 Epic grade material powder. (Can be used while crafting new equipment to boost its stats. 1 powder = 10 points.)»

"This type of quests are annoying," Zach sighed.

[«Quest- Reach level 25 .»

‹Time- ∞.›

«Reward- 50000 coins.»

"Now, this is what I like," he said and closed his menu.

Zach lazily got off the bed and made his way downstairs to eat breakfast. There he saw Shay and Kayden waiting for their order to arrive.

"Someone forgot to invite me," Zach remarked and sat beside Kayden as he was the closest.

"I was going to invite you, but Kayden said you might have gone to grind EXP," Shay defended himself and continued, "You are alone? Where is that chick from yesterday?"

"Who knows." Zach shrugged his shoulders and said, "She must be wandering around this realm."

Zach had told Aurora to message him whenever she goes to clear dungeons or towers. Since Aurora hadn't messaged him yet, Zach assumed she must be busy with something else.

The waiter placed the dishes on the table while saying, "Here is your order."

Zach ordered his breakfast and opened his friend list to check something.

"Phew!" he sighed in relief after confirming Aurora's name was still there. He was afraid that she might have gone somewhere alone and died.

"So…" Shay took a bite and asked Zach: "Have you two done it yet?"


"You know what I am talking about." Shay winked at Zach with a knowing look.

"Oh! No… what the hell is wrong with you?" Zach replied with a disgusted look on his face.

"What do you mean? That's a normal thing to ask…" Shay turned to Kayden and said, "Is it not, Kayden?"

"Well…" Kayden looked at Zach from the corners of his eyes and replied, "Zach's normal is different than ours."

"Argh!" Zach groaned and wondered with a curious look on his face: "is it possible to do it in the game, though?"

"Yeah." Shay nodded. "In fact, almost 50% of the VR game players play a VR game for that."

"I wouldn't be surprised if that's true," Zach scoffed.

"You know, even the players who are in a relationship in the real world do it with other players for fun," Shay added.

"Isn't that cheating?"

"They say 'It's not real, so it's not cheating'," Kayden quipped.

"Oh!" Zach exclaimed and uttered, "Just like how some say, 'Sex with a condom isn't cheating because you are not making direct contact.' This is like an upgraded version of that one, right?"


"I don't understand why would they cheat if they truly love their partner?" Kayden asked with a disappointed look on his face.

"Heh!" Shay scoffed and said, "You have never been in a relationship before, so you wouldn't understand. Even Zach has been in a relationship. You should give up on your step-sister and find someone else."

"There is no need for that," Kayden replied in a calm tone. "We are engaged now."

"How long are you going to—" Shay stopped speaking and furrowed his brows, "What did you say?!"

"Misha and I got engaged, and our parents know about it," Kayden repeated.

"When did that happen?!" Shay exclaimed in disbelief.

"Last week."

"Why didn't you tell me about it?!"

"Someone was busy with his birthday party when I called him to inform the news," Kayden stared at Shay with a furious look on his face.

Zach and Shay's birthdays are on the same day, so they couldn't celebrate them together at once.

Zach's order arrived, and all of them ate without speaking a word.

After that, Zach received a message from Aurora: [Do you want to try out the towers?]

Zach had nothing else to do, so he agreed.

Unlike the dungeon, the player could retreat at any time— even in the middle of the battle. Hence, most players preferred that over the dungeon. However, the EXP gain from the tower was only 10% of that of the dungeon. But the tower guaranteed treasure chests to drop on every boss floor.

The tower was similar to the dungeon in one aspect, that was the tower type. The players could play solo and with a team, where the players were rewarded according to the DMG dealt to the monsters.

Zach cleared the first 20 floors of towers with Aurora and returned to the inn after late noon. Unfortunately, the HP of the monsters on the first 20 floors was low, so Zach couldn't complete any of his quests.


Total players in the game 127873

20952 new players logged in.

2321 players died.


[Weekly target.]

«150 power stones- 1 chapter.» (not Reached)

«200 power stones - 2 chapters.» (not Reached)


Author's Note - So… I am on meds now. I fall asleep when I take them, so the chapter update time might be up and down, but I will make sure to release them daily.

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