Gods' Impact Online
31 Chapter 30- Cursed Dagger
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Gods' Impact Online
Author :NoWoRRyMaN
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31 Chapter 30- Cursed Dagger

"What's going on?" Zach wondered as he glanced around. "Why is no one spawning?"

Zach tightened his grip on the sword and walked further in a defensive stance. 'Is this another secret floor or something?'

The same thing had happened when he entered Aria's dimension; no monsters had spawned. Zach thought the same thing was happening again. However, the floor they entered was indeed the 25th floor. The entire map was covered with snow and the visible snowstorm in the distance.

"I think someone cleared this floor just before we entered," Aurora stated in a calm voice.


"This is a mixed dungeon, so you have high chances of running into the other players, who entered before or after us— depending on the time we take to clear each floor."

Zach furrowed his brows at Aurora and uttered, "I can guess that much. So spare me the common knowledge. You are making me look like an idiot."

"I was just explaining things to you as you haven't read anything yet."

Zach let out a weary sigh and glanced around before looking at Aurora with a curious look on his face. He looked into her eyes and asked, "To be honest, I was expecting we are the one with the highest stats record." Zach rolled his eyes in disbelief and muttered, "But I guess there are players better than me."

"That's not the case." Aurora shook her head and continued, "Players have already formed guilds to rise through quickly with minimal efforts. I am sure only a party of more than ten players can survive after the 20th floor."

"That's true…" Zach turned around and pondered, "But how do they level up? Imagine a guild of a minimum of 50 players, the EXP gain among them will be so low that they will need to clear many floors to level up. It seems pointless to me."

"Not all players level up in the guild," Aurora uttered in a low voice.

"I guess the strong players use weak or low-level players as support to level up faster? They use multiple healers and mages as extra, while the knights and Assassins do the rest?" Zach snorted.

Aurora nodded in response and said, "You guessed right."

"Bunch of idiots," Zach scoffed. "Just think about it. If the support players also level up and grow strong, the efficiency of the battle will automatically increase. Yet…"

Zach threw all these thoughts aside and turned to Aurora. "So, what are we going to do now? When will the monsters spawn again?"

"My quest is on the line. And I swear, if I fail it, then I am going to hunt the players who cleared the floors before us," he added with a furious look on his face.

"It takes 10 minutes for the floors to reset," Aurora stated.

"..." Zach furrowed his brows in annoyance and muttered, "I guess my name tag color is going to change to red soon."

"You are not serious about that, are you?" Aurora asked with a pale face.

Zach stared at Aurora with a straight face and smirked at her with a smug look on his face.


Zach didn't waste his time and cultivated for 10 minutes until 100 wolf monarchs spawned. He looked at his HUD and saw 'Three minutes left to finish the quest' written in red color.

Aurora glanced from the corner of her eyes and asked with a concerned look on her face: "Do you think you can do it?"

Zach turned to Aurora with a grin on his face and answered, "Of course."

Zach had a total of 410 MP, which was enough to deal 41000 HP DMG. However, the quest was to do it within 1 second.

"Aurora…" Zach tossed his sword in the air and caught it. "How much do you trust me?" he asked in a calm voice.

Aurora's face flushed a little as she answered, "Why are you asking that when we are facing 100 bosses?"

"Just answer me."

"My trust for you is equal to my love for a crepe," Aurora answered with a grin on her face and walked forward to stand beside Zach.

"Heh!" Zach scoffed and muttered, "Not what I expected, but okay."

Aurora chose to eat a crepe as a last meal before committing suicide, so it must be valuable.

"Do you think you can handle your own shit?" Zach asked in a solemn voice.


"I am going to do my stuff. And I want you to do your stuff," Zach asserted. "However, if you feel outnumbered, feel free to yell my name. I can't have you die on me. Who knows, I might not find a personal healer again."

Zach sheathed his sword and conjured the cursed dagger in his hand.

The cursed dagger was originally one of the features of Aria's wings. It dealt damage of 0.1% (per second) of the total HP of the enemy. This dagger was useful in three conditions; one when the monster's HP was high, second when the battle was long, and third, when there were a high amount of enemies on the field.

Here, the battle was going to be long, and the number of monsters was high. It was possible to hit the enemy once with the dagger and never attack the same enemy again; the 0.1% DMG pers second could kill the enemy.

The horde of the wolf monarchs was so enormous that the wolves from the backside weren't even visible to the sight.

Zach took a deep breath and dashed at the horde with nothing but the cursed dagger in his hand.

Of course, the wolf monarchs also sped in packs. Some ran to Aurora while most of them ran to Zach as he was running far ahead of Aurora.

Zach had only two things in his mind: one was to touch as many wolves as possible with the dagger, and the second, was to make sure he didn't get hit by any of the wolf monarchs. Because if one of them pinned Zach down, the horde would rip him apart.


Total players in the game 73047.

4755 new players logged in.

777 players died.


[Weekly target.]

«150 power stones- 1 chapter.» (not Reached)

«200 power stones - 2 chapters.» (not Reached)


Author's Note - We won the gold prize (first rank) in WPC 220! Thank you for your support! I hope you keep supporting this book!

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