Gods' Impact Online
27 Chapter 26- Despair
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Gods' Impact Online
Author :NoWoRRyMaN
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27 Chapter 26- Despair

Zach let out a weary sigh as he was having a hard time deciding what classes he should choose. He glanced at Aurora, who was staring at him with an eager expression on her face.

"Let me guess, if I don't choose any secondary class before I reach level 11, I will get a random class," Zach uttered to Aurora.

Aurora nodded in response.

Zach pondered for a while and decided to choose the witcher class.

"I will go with the witcher," he declared.

"Then you will have to keep an eye on your MP because you might gain some spells that would use a high amount of MP to cast," Aurora informed Zach.

'Witcher + cultivator. What a weird combination. But it's going to be an awesome combo.' Zach scoffed. 'I can't use cultivation spells because I am not aware of them. I couldn't cultivate in the real world, so I never bothered learning them. And cultivation spells need to be exact. While witcher is different, I will use my cultivation to enhance the witcher spells, but first, I need to gain spells.'

'I read about the witcher class, and it was written that witchers can learn new spells by finding the scrolls scattered in the worlds and realms. It was also written that some scrolls have basic spells, while some have unique spells. So yeah, even the scrolls have grade ranks.'

Zach had a significant advantage over other players, and that was MP. As he could cultivate infinite MP, he would be able to cast the spells again and again until he ran out of MP. However, he first needed to get his hands on scrolls.

He opened his menu and selected the witcher as his secondary class.

[Congratulations! You have received the benefit of witcher class.]

Zach received four basic magic attacks; fire, wind, water, earth. Each consumed 10MP for one shot and dealt the damage, according to ATK.

'They are useless, for now at least. Once my ATK is high enough, I can use them to one-shot the weak monsters.'

"Well then…" Aurora turned to Zach and said, "Shall we go further?"

"Of course."

Zach and Aurora entered floor 19th.

120 high goblins and 100 supreme goblins spawned.

Zach raised his brows and nudged Aurora with his elbow. "Hey!"


"There are 120 high goblins, and each of them gives 100 EXP. And others are supreme goblins, and each of them gives 120 EXP. In the end, we will receive the same amount of EXP, no matter who we kill. So let's make it easier by selecting a target."

"You are right." Aurora walked one step forward and said, "I will deal with the high goblins; you take care of the supreme goblins."

"Heh!" Zach smirked and remarked, "So you choose quantity over quality, huh?"

"Shut up."

Zach and Aurora dashed in the opposite direction and started killing the goblins.

Both supreme goblins and high goblins were weak for Zach and Aurora, but they were in quantity. Zach and Aurora had to keep their eye in every direction and watch their backs for possible attacks.

It took them an hour to clear the floor.

[Floor 19 has been cleared!]

"Do you want to take a break or enter the 20th floor?" Zach asked impatiently. He was running out of time to complete his quest of dealing 30000 HP DMG within one second, and only 2 hours had left to finish it.

However, it was impossible for Zach to finish that in his current state, and he was aware of it. That's why, he wanted to clear the 20th floor as soon as possible and cultivate for an hour to get some MP to use this DT skill; it was the only way for Zach to finish that quest.

"I am fine. Let's go to the next floor," Aurora slightly nodded.

However, she wasn't fine. She was exhausted. Unlike Zach, Aurora had been running around too much. Even on floor 19, she chose to kill high goblins, who were more in quantity, causing her to move around more.

But, she didn't want to drag Zach down by taking a rest. So she entered the 20th floor with Zach.

Soon after they entered the 20th floor, 80 goblin kings spawned. They were wearing armor, and their skin was thick.

At first, they were doing fine, but Aurora was having a hard time dealing with them. Zach was also having trouble, but he was managing it.

After killing 20 goblin kings, Aurora could barely stand. Zach was so immersed in fighting the goblin kings that he didn't pay attention to Aurora. However, when he glanced at her to check, he saw she was surrounded by the goblin kings.

"Aurora!" he yelled.

Aurora took a risk, and she had to pay for it.

"Aurora!" Zach yelled and dashed at her, but he was slammed by the goblin kings around him.


The goblin kings who were surrounding Aurora jumped on her and started attacking her. Even the other goblin kings who weren't surrounding her also jumped on her.

The horde of 50 goblin kings attacked her.

"No!" Zach wanted to save her, but the remaining ten goblin kings were blocking his way.

"Get out of my way!" he shouted on top of his lungs and used fire magic in one hand and wind magic in another. A firewhirl was created by the mixture of two magic attacks. Then, he used water and wind to create ice, and after that, he used earth and water to create a plant that sprouted the veil.

[Congratulations! You have reached the threshold limit of the basic magic attacks. You have gained a new attribute: Lightning!]

Without wasting his time, Zach fired lightning, and then he created a whirlwind by using wind magic two times. The lightning and whirlwind merged and formed a lightning whirlwind.

[MP- 0/∞]

He did all that just to kill the goblin kings who were stopping him. He had yet to save Aurora, but he had no MP left, nor could he use his sword skills to annihilate 50 goblin kings at once.

He was helpless, and all he felt was despair.

"No! Not again!"


Total players in the game 56550.

1400 new players logged in.

405 players died.


[Weekly target.]

«150 power stones- 1 chapter.» (not Reached)

«200 power stones - 2 chapters.» (not Reached)


Author's Note - "..."

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