Gods' Impact Online
26 Chapter 25- Reaching Level 10
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Gods' Impact Online
Author :NoWoRRyMaN
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26 Chapter 25- Reaching Level 10

Aurora killed the remaining Orcs and stared at Zach from a distance. She was afraid of going near him.

'I was expecting her to be mad, but she looks… scared.' Zach raised his brows in confusion and uttered, "Are you okay?"

"What was that?!" she shouted in a meek manner.

"That's my skill," Zach replied. "Moreover, I went for the king. Are you not angry?"

"Of course I am. You betrayed me."

"Oi oi. Calling it a betrayal is going too far." Zach snorted. "There wasn't a rule where you said I can't go for the king."

"That's common knowledge. You shouldn't go for the king first," Aurora asserted in a calm voice. She was still somewhat afraid of going near Zach.

Of course, what Aurora said was true. Going straight for the boss when the minions were alive was a suicidal move as the boss could control the minions, but that was in the solo dungeon. In the mixed dungeon, it didn't matter who fought with who. However, it was still risky as their party was only of 2 members. If it was someone other than Aurora, then they would have been overwhelmed by the situation and died.

"Alright, from the next boss floor, I will go for the bosses, while you can get to kill all the minions, happy?"

"The EXP gain from the minions is too low compared to the boss. But fine~" Aurora groaned. "You can do that until you reach level 10."

Zach knew better than anyone that he wouldn't be able to use his DT skill. He had only 90 MP left, and he was saving it for the emergency."

After taking a little rest, Zach and Aurora proceeded to floor 16.

Floor 16-20 had goblins as monsters but with higher stats and levels.

Floor 21-25 had wolves as monsters but with higher stats and levels.

Floor 26- 30 had orc as monsters but with higher stats and levels.

50 high-rank goblins spawned on the 16th floor. 100 EXP each.

50 supreme goblins spawned on the 17th floor. 120 EXP each.

80 high-rank and 80 supreme goblins spawned on the floor 18th.

120 high rank and 100 supreme goblins spawned on the floor 19th.

80 Gobling king spawned on the 20th floor. 1000 EXP each.

Of course, the 20th-floor boss was weak compared to the other boss floor. But on the floor 20th, the quantity was increased. That was challenging for the solo dungeon players and the parties who had fewer members.

However, Zach and Aurora were equal to a dozen players.

[Floor 18 has been cleared!]

Zach and Aurora had killed the same amount of monsters and received the same amount of EXP.

Aurora was getting more and more interested in Zach after seeing his fighting style. Even though Aurora's stats were higher, Zach was keeping up with her.

[Congratulations! You have reached level 10!]

[Congratulations! You have received 100 accessible points!]

[You can now select secondary class!]

[Congratulations! You have met the requirement to ascend to the First realm!]

'This wasn't the first realm? Although the game didn't specify it, I assumed this realm was the beginner's realm.'

'Now that I think about it, Aurora also had 800/1000 in the physique. So she needs another 200 points to evolve.'

"Say, Aurora, how did you gain physique points?" Zach's physique was maxed, so he had no idea how to gain it as he didn't need to learn.

"I don't know. It was 800/1000 when I entered this game, "Aurora replied.

Zach knitted his brows and thought to himself: 'It wouldn't be surprising if there are other people like me in the real world who are not human. Aurora's ancestors must be one of them.'

"What's wrong?" Aurora asked when she saw Zach pondering something. "Do you want to retreat? It has already been 7 hours since we entered the dungeon."

Zach had only 90 MP left, and he was saving them for the emergency, so he had to clear all the floors using sword fighting and martial arts. Of course, Aroura was tired but not exhausted. Zach, however, lost all his exhaustion from the excitement of unlocking the second class and meeting the requirement to enter the first realm.

"I reached level 10, so I can now choose a secondary class," Zach informed Aurora. "I am having doubts about which class I should take."

"Every class has its own merit and demerit. Just choose the one you think suits you the best."

'I am not interested in swordsman. Bandit doesn't interest me either. What about bowman? It should be good for ranged attacks. I don't want to be a healer.'

"Why don't you be a healer then?" Aurora suggested with an innocent look on her face.

"Why…? I already have you, and you are enough for me."

"...!" Aurora's face flushed after hearing that. "You seriously need to work on your phrasing," she muttered in a low voice.

Zach was earning brownie points from Aurora even without realizing it.

"You can heal me if you become a healer," Aurora stated.

"Huh? Wait…" Zach furrowed his brows and exclaimed, "Healers can't heal themselves?!"

Aurora shook her head and shrugged his shoulders in response.

Zach was surprised to learn that healers couldn't heal themselves. However, the more he thought about it, the more it made sense. Now Zach had one more thing to worry about, and that was to make sure nothing happened to Aurora.

It was for her sake and his sake too. If anything were to happen to Aurora, Zach would lose his personal healer.

'Should I choose healer then?' Zach wondered. 'I can change my class anytime using Aria's blessing, but then I won't be able to change again for the next 24 hours.'


Total players in the game 55555.

2765 new players logged in.

531 players died.


[Weekly target.]

«150 power stones- 1 chapter.» (not Reached)

«200 power stones - 2 chapters.» (not Reached)


Author's Note - Which class do you think he will choose?

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