Gods' Impact Online
23 Chapter 22- Personalized Quests
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Gods' Impact Online
Author :NoWoRRyMaN
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23 Chapter 22- Personalized Quests

"Now, let's see my new personalized quests."

[«Quest- Slay 1000 monsters of any difficulty.»

‹Time- 24 hours.›

«Reward- 50 Royal grade jade runes.»]

"What is a jade rune, and what does it do?" Zach asked Aurora.

"It depends on how you want to use them. You can convert them into coins; 1 normal jade is worth ten coins."

"You can use them to upgrade your equipment and enhance their stats, but in my opinion, you shouldn't use them in that. It's not worth it."

"Then you can use them to craft items. Uhh, it's like a material used for crafting. But that's only for those who have the crafting ability."

"You can also use them as normal runes and exchange them for the artifacts in the magic shop."

"Magic shop?" Zach uttered in wonder after hearing that. "What's that?"

Aurora squinted her eyes and said, "You haven't read anything about this game, have you?"

"If I start reading everything, then it will take me a week to read everything. It's that long," Zach replied.

"Magic shop is a personalized shop; where you can buy and sell your unique items, and get anything you want in return. However, the magic shop rarely appears, and it differs from player to player," Aurora explained.

"I see…" Zach pondered, 'I wonder if I can find gloves there.'

[«Quest- Cultivate 5000 MP.»

‹Time- 7 days.›

«Reward- ???.»]

'That's easy. But what's with the reward?' Zach thought the reward wasn't guaranteed.

[«Quest- Do something you would never do.»

‹Time- 1 minute.›

«Reward- 1 coin.»

«Penalty- 50% of your bank amount will be deducted.»]

"What the—!" Zach remembered what Aurora told him a while ago. 'Once the player has reached level 5, they receive personalized quests depending on their gameplay, personality, and class.'

'Sons of bitches!' He cursed the gods.

Zach was lost in thoughts. There were so many things he would never do, and he was thinking of something easy as he had only one minute left to complete the Quest.

"I guess I have no other choice…" Zach placed his hands on Aurora's shoulders and gazed into her eyes with a serious look on his face. "Aurora…"

"W-Wh…at?" Aurora stuttered with a flushed face.

"I am going to do something I would never do to anyone," Zach asserted in a solemn voice.

Aurora's face flushed even more as she said, "Ok…ay."

'I can't believe I am really going to do this…' Zach sighed and asked, "Are you ready?"

Aurora quietly nodded, with her face still flushed red.

Aurora closed her eyes and waited for Zach to do something. Suddenly, she received a prompt on her screen.

[Zach has sent you 100,000 coins. Press 'yes' to accept.]

Aurora lost all her excitement and asked, "What is this?"

"Accept it. Don't ask any questions."

Aurora pressed 'Yes', and 100,000 coins were transferred to her.

[Congratulations. Quest 'Do something you would never do.' has been completed!]

[Congratulations! You have received the reward of completing the Quest. Reward- 1 coin.]

Zach sighed in relief and looked at Aurora.

"Why did you give me money?" Aurora asked with a confused look on her face.

"I had a quest. Now give me back my money," Zach uttered nonchalantly.

Aurora's face twitched in frustration. Her expectations were betrayed twice within 10 seconds.

Zach could have given her only ten coins, but that was a normal amount he would have given to anyone in need. He could also give 100 coins to his friends, even 1000 coins. But he would never give 100000 coins without a valid reason provided by the opposite party.

Of course, there were many other things Zach could have done. For example, kissing Aurora, flipping her dress, spanking her butt, groping her; those were the things he would never do to the girl he barely knew. But he chose to do the simplest thing possible. After all, he had to survive Aurora's wrath later.

Aurora returned 98511 coins to Zach and said, "I have deducted my payment for healing you." She smiled in a creepy manner and added, "Enjoy."

Zach turned his face to the side and muttered, "Girls..."

As Zach had completed the Quest, he received a new quest.

[«Quest- Deal 30000 DMG within 1 second.»

‹Time- 10 hour.›

«Reward- 500 Magic Shop points.»

Zach didn't know what shop points were used for, but he had a pretty firm idea. However, he chose to confirm it with Aurora.

"What do shop points stand for?"

He expected Aurora to answer, but she didn't. She simply 'hmph'ed' Zach and averted her face to the side.

"Princess is sulking."

Zach opened the info tab and chose to read it himself. He scrolled to the shop system and came across the magic shop system.

'Shop points can be used to summon the magic shop. They can also be used to buy items from the magic shops.'

(Each summoning cost 500 points.)

'All of my quests require me to slay monsters. So let's go to the dungeon and clear more floors. I already have enough MP to finish the first two quests, and I can cultivate once I get back from the dungeon.'

Zach turned to Aurora, who was still pouting, and said, "We are going to the dungeon."

They then made their way to the dungeon.

'I will reach level 10 today and unlock my secondary class, no matter what happens.'


Total players in the game 52283.

30 new players logged in.

7 players died.


[Weekly target.]

«150 power stones- 1 chapter.» (not Reached)

«200 power stones - 2 chapters.» (not Reached)


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