Gods' Impact Online
18 Chapter 17- Shay Ramsay
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Gods' Impact Online
Author :NoWoRRyMaN
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18 Chapter 17- Shay Ramsay

A girl wearing a black and white dress entered the tavern with a staff in her hand. She had ivory-colored hair and green eyes. She looked to be in her late teens, but at the same time, she gave off a mature vibe.

She was the one and only player with healer class in the game.


Zach raised his brows and wondered, 'If she is a healer, then she has to be more than level 10. Which means she must have cleared more floors than me.'

Zach was a little surprised as he never thought he would meet people who could be more skilled than him. However, she could have cleared the floors with someone else's help. Who knows, maybe she was more than just a player?

The girl sat on the empty table in the corner and ordered her food. She ordered pineapple pie and strawberry milkshake.

"..." Zach shrugged his shoulders and thought, 'What's with that order? Is she a kid or what?' He scoffed.

Suddenly, Shay stood up and started walking towards the girl.

"Hey, Shay," Kayden called out to Shay and asked, "Where are you—"

"She is obviously a healer. So I am going to ask her to heal me." Shay answered and walked to the girl.

The girl was enjoying her food with a gentle smile on her face. She was dipping the slices of pineapple pie in the strawberry milkshake and eating it without any second thoughts.

Zach didn't want to judge the girl as he also had a weird habit of mixing up foods. He once ate chips after dipping them into lemon juice. However, seeing the girl eating like that reminded Zach of his little sister— Zoe.

Zach knew it wasn't her at first glance, as Zoe hated games more than he did. And even if there were a slight chance of that girl being Zoe, Zach would have recognized her instantly.

Gods' Impact didn't have many customization options, and all the players looked exactly the same as they looked in the real world.

Shay approached the girl and slammed his hand on her table with a loud bang. He looked at the girl with a frowned face and ordered, "I want you to heal me."

The girl was about to take a bite, but she stopped and looked at Shay from the corner of her eyes. "Can't you see I am busy eating here?"

"I don't care! If I ordered you to heal me, then you have to heal me," Shay asserted with a furious look on his face.

The girl squinted her eyes and waved her hand at Shay. "Get out of my sight. I don't want to heal you."

"What did you say?!" Shay shouted and grabbed the girl's hand.

So far in his life, Shay had gotten everything he wanted. He was born rich. Both his mother and father were busy with their work, so the servants took care of him. He had access to his parent's money, and he could use them however he wanted. Even a few millions were like cents to him and his parents. If he wished for something to happen, it would happen. No one has ever dared to go against his wish, but that wasn't the case now.

He was no longer in the real world, where he could use his parents' names to get away with everything. Nor his status or value mattered. However, he was still rich, so he thought he could get anything he wanted in Gods' Impact as well.

The girl grabbed the glass filled with strawberry milkshake and spilled it all over Shay's face. Then, she pulled her hand from Shay's grasp and uttered, "If you don't know how to request something from someone, then you better stop speaking."

"Zach! Zach!" Kayden whispered violently. "What should we do now? It would be bad if Shay ended up doing something to her."

Zach glanced at the girl and let out a short sigh. Then, he turned to Kayden and replied, "I think it's for the best. Shay needs to learn that not everything belongs to him. He can't be a spoiled brat forever."

The same thing had happened last month. When Zach, Kayden, and Shay were eating food in the restaurant, Shay touched a waitress' butt. The waitress got agitated and slapped Shay on the spot. Unfortunately for her, the restaurant was owned by Shay's family.

She got fired, and her husband also lost his job when his boss got to know about the incident. More than half of the city was under Shay's family control. If they wished for someone to disappear overnight, they would never be seen again.

Everyone feared Shay's family. They were like a mafia of the city, and their influence was spread all across the country. As for how Zach became friends with someone like him, that is the story for another time.

"Do you know who I am?! I am Shay—"

Before Shay could finish his introduction, the girl stood up and walked out of the tavern.

"I have to admit, she has got guts," Kayden remarked as he watched the girl leave.

"Or maybe she is just a Karen,' Kaden added with a scoff.

Zach and Kayden walked to Shay and asked him to go to church to get healed. Zach also had to get healed, so the three of them made their way to the church after paying their bill.

On their way, Zach remembered he had forgotten to take his change from the tavern. He wanted to get Shay out from there as soon as possible, and he was also in a hurry to get himself healed.

"Come on. It's just ten bucks. Let it slide," Kayden uttered.

"No, no. I am going back." Zach turned around and said, "You two, go ahead. I will meet you in the church."

However, everything was a lie. Zach wasn't the type of person who would forget anything related to money. He wanted to go back to the tavern to confirm something.

'I don't know what is bothering me, but I want to ask the girl some questions. How did she level up so fast? Even if she played in a mixed dungeon, reaching level 10 is…' Zach sighed and muttered, "It's not impossible since everyone trapped here are gamers who are used to playing games. They are familiar with everything, so it shouldn't be hard. While this is my first time, and I think I am doing pretty well for a newbie.'

"But if there is a better way to level up fast, then I would prefer that."

When Zach reached the store, he saw the girl sitting under the gazebo of the garden, eating cone crepe with a satisfied smile on her face.


Total players in the game 46469.

1 new player logged in.

1 player died.


[Weekly target.]

«150 power stones- 1 chapter.»

«200 power stones - 2 chapters.»


Author's Note- Chips dipped into lemon juice... seriously? What is the weirdest food mixture you have ever tried?

Question- Who is that girl?

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