Gods' Impact Online
17 Chapter 16- Realistic Logic
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Gods' Impact Online
Author :NoWoRRyMaN
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17 Chapter 16- Realistic Logic

Zach finally got back to the entry of the dungeon where Shay and Kayden were waiting for him.

"Yo! What took you so long?" Kayden asked with a concerned look on his face.

'I can't tell them the truth. If I do, then I will have to explain everything, including my past and all,' Zach thought to himself.

Kayden wasn't aware of Zach's past because he met Zach after his father died.

"I was having a hard time," Zach replied. "What about you guys? How long did it take for you two to clear the first five floors?"

"It took me 48 minutes. And after seeing the next quests, I was interested in going further, but I didn't want to die, so I retreated," Kayden replied. Kayden still wasn't totally convinced that Gods' impact was real. However, he didn't want to risk dying to prove it.

"I cleared them just a few minutes ago," Shay replied in a disdainful tone.

"..." Zach was genuinely surprised by Shay's answer. 'I was hoping Shay would be the first one to clear since he is a gaming nerd.'

"My HP is also down to only 33," Shay added. "We should buy some HP potions from the shop on our way."

"Yeah, let's go."

All three of them headed to the town. However, they were awed by the scenery of the sunset.

"I have played all the VR games, but this one has the best graphics," Shay commented.

'It's created by gods. They created the real world, so what do you expect?' Zach uttered inwardly.

As they were walking, Zach realized something. He furrowed his brows and wondered, 'I have a bad feeling about the HP potions.'

They reached the town and went straight to the gear shop.

"Welcome~!" The NPC greeted them.

"Isn't this a different NPC than it was at noon?" Kayden wondered.

"How can I help you?" the NPC asked.

"We are here for HP potions," Shay ordered.

"Potions? I am sorry, but we don't sell potions here," the NPC replied.

"Okay." Shay nodded and asked, "So where can we buy them?"

The NPC stared at Shay for a while and said, "Dear player, you won't find potions anywhere in this world."

'I knew it!' Zach facepalmed himself. 'If this game truly follows the rules of real-world, then potions shouldn't exist.'

"What?!" Shay shouted. "Then how are we supposed to heal ourselves?!"

"You can either go to the church where there is an NPC healer available all the time, or you can find a player who is a healer to get yourself healed," the NPC replied without stuttering.

They then left the store and made their way to the tavern, where other players had gathered.

"Dammit! I hate this game!" Shay shouted in frustration.

"Come on. It's not that bad," Kayden uttered. "Right, Zach?"

'Don't involve me in this!' Zach sighed and said, "This game follows realistic logic, so I don't see a problem. As long as we can heal ourselves, I don't care."

Shay was furious to the point where he wanted to sue the game developer for virtual aggression with emotions and anxiousness. He was angry because his knowledge of VR games was losing its value. He was furious because things weren't going his way. He was mad because there were too many strict rules and limitations in this game.

"But 'healing' itself is an unrealistic logic. Magic, monsters, and gods don't exist in real life. So if this game truly wants to be realistic, then it should stop being a game," Shay commented with his voice full of annoyance.

'Oh, they do. Magic, monsters, and gods, they all exist. I am the proof of that,' Zach uttered to himself. He wanted to say that to Shay and Kayden, but they lived in a world where the people who believed in magic and such things were laughed at.

After reaching the tavern, they called out for a healer, but unfortunately, no healer was present.

Mage and Healer were secondary classes where the player needed to be level 10. Not many players had leveled up to 10 yet.

"Well, we will go to the church," Kayden suggested. "But let's eat something first. I am exhausted and starving."

They ordered some old-school fantasy food and began eating it. Kayden was eating normally with manners, but Shay was taking out his anger on the food. Zach, on the other hand, was worried about his 1 HP.

Unlike other VR games, there was no safe zone for the players. The players could easily attack anyone without warning. However, the game did have a colored name bar that showed the status of the player.

If the player's name was green, then they hadn't killed other players or NPC.

If the player's name was blue, then they had killed the NPC. The blue name bar had three variants. One was light blue, which meant the player had killed less than 10 NPC. The second was standard blue, which meant the player had killed less than 100 NPC. The third was dark blue, which meant the player had killed more than 100 NPC.

If the player's name was red, then they have killed other players. The red name bar also had three variants. One was brownish-red, which meant the player had killed less than 10 players. The second was crimson red, which meant the player had killed less than 100 players. The third was scarlet red, which meant the player had killed more than 100 players.

Zach was worried that accidental or on purpose, a single hit might kill him. He planned to go to the church once he had finished eating, whether Shay and Kayden came with him or not.

After a while, a girl wearing a black and white dress entered the tavern with a staff in her hand.

As of the first day of the Gods' impact, she was the one and only player with healer class in the game.


Total players in the game 46469.

300 new players logged in.

53 players died.


[Weekly target.]

«200 power stones- 1 chapter.»

«400 power stones - 2 chapters.»


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    《Gods' Impact Online》