Gods' Impact Online
13 Chapter 12- 1 HP Battle
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Gods' Impact Online
Author :NoWoRRyMaN
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13 Chapter 12- 1 HP Battle

Zach did not know when to stop.

Even though he had only one HP left, he started a battle with Aria. He knew that he would be K.O'ed in one hit, but he still couldn't hold himself back.

Earlier, Aria's face was twitching in anger and rage, but now, it was Zach.

"What's with that face?" Aria sneered. "How dare you glare at me like that." She dashed at Zach and tried to punch him, but Zach easily dodged her.

So far, Aria was using things to attack Zach, but now she was physically trying to hurt Zach. However, even after five minutes, she couldn't land a hit on Zach.

"Stop jumping like a monkey, and let me hit you!" Aria yelled and tried to punch Zach once again, but instead, she ended up punching the stone behind him, which shattered on impact. If it had hit Zach, he would be long dead.

"You did the very thing I hate the most in the world, so don't expect me to forgive you," Zach asserted and finally grabbed his sword.

"Hah?! Why would I want forgiveness of a mere mortal like you, who is going to die soon?" Aria scoffed with a puzzled look on her face. "Ara~ Ara~ What are you angry about? I simply showed you an illusion where you reunite with your father. And instead of thanking me, you punched me on my cute face?! What a barbaric mortal."

Zach landed on the center of the circle of the weird symbols and strategized his plan to attack Aria. He had to keep his 1 HP in his mind and not do anything ruthless or stupid. However, it was already too late.

Hot lava erupted from the circle and covered Zach. He managed to escape with a few burns on his body. He landed and fell on the ground with his back first.

Before Zach could stand up again or look at his HP, Aria jumped on top of him and conjured a red sword in her hand. She pointed it at Zach's neck and uttered, "I got you."

"..." Zach looked at the sword then looked at the burns on his body. 'Why am I not dead? My HP was only one, and surely, the injuries I have gotten should have dealt me the HP DMG of more than 100.'

Zach looked at his HP, only to find there was no HP bar. Not only the HP bar but there was also no HUD.

Even though Aria was pointing her sharp-edged red sword at Zach, Zach wasn't freaking out anymore. However, there was something he needed to confirm first before jumping to the conclusion.

"Tell me, mortal, how do you want me to kill you?" Aria asked with a vicious smile and fierce glare in her eyes.

'She is a true monster…' Zach uttered inwardly. He took a deep breath and looked into Aria's eyes with a curious look on his face. "Is this dimension also a part of the game?"

Aria knitted her brows in surprise and thought, 'Even though I am going to kill him soon, he is worried about the pathetic game created by the gods?'

She let out a deep sigh and answered, "This place is not part of the game, but it is connected to the game. So if you think you won't die in the real-life if I kill you here, then you are mistaken."

A smirk appeared on Zach's face as he heard Aria's answer. He had no need to worry about his one HP anymore.

"What are you smirking for?" Aria asked with a confused yet curious look on her face. "I am going to kill you in a most—"

Before Aria could finish what she was saying, Zach grabbed Aria's leg and slammed her to her throne a few meters away from him. The sword Aria was carrying fell to the ground and disappeared.

Aria regained her posture and glared at Zach as she gritted her teeth in anger. She was furious to the point that she didn't care about anything else.

"Not once, but twice…! You are dead meat, mortal."

"Oi! Oi! What are you angry about?" Zach scoffed with a puzzled look on his face and uttered, "I simply placed you back on your throne. And instead of thanking me, you want to kill me?" Zach imitated Aria by saying the same thing Aria said a while ago.

Aria stomped her leg on the throne and jumped in the air. She spread her wings and gazed down at Zach with a lifeless glare in her eyes.

Her wings were just like her attire. They were black with red and purple on edge and a bit of pink shade on them. However, instead of soft feathers, they looked hard as though they were crystals. They were sharp, shiny, and pointy. When she flapped her wings, Zach could hear the noise that could only be described as the sound of sharp blades hitting each other.

"Please tell me you are not going to do what I think you are going to do," Zach uttered and backed off some steps to prepare himself for the upcoming attack from Aria.


Total players in the game 46205.

2 new players logged in.

2 players died.


[Weekly target.]

«200 power stones- 1 chapter.» (reached)

«400 power stones - 2 chapters.»


Author's Note- My boi doesn't give a fuck about who is who. If anyone makes him angry then they better be ready to die, or even worse, suffer.

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    《Gods' Impact Online》