Gods' Impact Online
6 Chapter 5- Fifth Floor
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Gods' Impact Online
Author :NoWoRRyMaN
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6 Chapter 5- Fifth Floor

Until now, the goblins spawned after Zach stepped into the floor, but on floor 5, the goblins had already spawned.

"There goes my time to catch some breath."

[Level 20. Royal goblins! HP- 750/750.]

"Even the names are getting crazier," Zach muttered.

The goblins were similar to how they were on the fourth floor— red skin and the size of normal adult humans with swords in their hands.

Among the horde of goblins, there was one goblin who was standing out more than others. It was the goblin king.

[Level 50. Goblin Monarch!]

The goblin king was wearing armor and holding a sword in one hand and a spear in another.

Zach furrowed his brows and commented, "Not what I expected but… not bad."

Without wasting his time, Zach dashed at the goblins and started swinging his sword at them. His each and every strike was a precise and critical hit as he either aimed for the head or the chest.

[12 goblins killed!]

Zach swung his sword, hoping for the goblins to die— just like they did so far. However, these goblins didn't die after one hit, even after receiving a critical hit.

[4 goblins killed!]

'Their skin is hard around the area of the neck and nape.'

Zach ignored striking the goblins on the neck and aimed for their bodies.

[4 goblins killed!]

Zach had increased his ATK and Physical strength that gave him a minor boost in slashing down the goblins. However, he had also increased his AGILITY, and Zach had the advantage of being fast.

He was almost double the speed than before, and he could jump much higher because of his high speed.

[11 goblins killed!]

Zach jumped as high as he could and landed on the goblin's head, crushing it on impact and killing five more goblins after slashing them down.

He was originally aiming for the goblin king, but the other goblins came in between. After fighting for a few more seconds, Zach realized that the goblins were trying to protect the king.

[3 goblins killed!]

Whenever Zach tried to attack the goblin king, the goblins attacked Zach or sacrificed themselves to protect the king.

[5 goblins killed!]

"So a leader can even control mindless monsters, eh?" Zach scoffed as he cleaved three more goblins.

Zach jumped twice to get away from the goblins and caught his breath.

Now, only two goblins and the king were left.

"I will simply kill the remaining two and deal with the king later," he decided.

He took a deep breath and exhaled sharply before dashing at the remaining two goblins. However, he had something else in his mind. He knew that if he went to attack the goblins directly, they would try to fight back, but if he pretended to attack the goblin king, the goblins would try to protect the king. Hence, Zach chose the easy way.

He ran straight for the king, and as expected, the remaining two goblins came in between to protect the king.

Zach slashed the goblins in one hit and jumped in the air. He landed behind the king and stabbed the tip of the sword in the king's nape, where the armor had a little gap for the neck movement.

The goblin king was caught by surprise and it had no chance to react, let alone attack.

'It's harder than the rest of the goblins!' Zach struggled to stab his sword further into the king's nape.

The goblin king swung his hand with the sword backward and attacked Zach. But Zach dodged it by jumping to the side. However, his sword was still stuck in the king's nape.

Zack looked at the King's HP, and it was 2350/5000.

"No wonder he didn't die," Zach uttered. "He has a huge HP bar."

Zach was standing without a weapon, but he wasn't worried in the least because he happened to be worse in sword fighting and best in martial arts. However, the martial arts he knew weren't ordinary martial arts. They needed the energy to use.

After rendering the attack pattern and standing in the correct stance, Zach swiftly ran past the goblin and punched it on the side, then landed a kick on the other side. He was so fast that the goblin king didn't even get a chance to react, let alone attack.

Zach failed to use the move correctly as he had never used this attack before because he couldn't cultivate any form of power in the real world.

"Heh!" He smirked. "Just kidding."

He grabbed the sword and cleaved the goblin king's body into two. The goblin king's head bounced in the air by the impact of Zach's strike and landed beside its headless body.

[Congratulations! You Have Received A Skill— Martial Warrior!]

[Received 1000 EXP!]

[Quest- 'Clear five floors of the dungeon' has been completed!]

[Congratulations! You have received the reward of completing the Quest. Reward- 2500 EXP.]

[Leveled Up!]

[Leveled Up!]

[Congratulations! You have received 50 accessible points!]

[Floor 5 has been cleared!]

"So many notifications at once… imagine a loud annoying voice spamming and shouting every time I receive a notification…" Zach regretted imagining that.

Zach opened his menu to see the new changes, but first, he wanted to check out his newly obtained skill.

«Skill- Martial Warrior. This skill is given to the ultimate champions in martial arts. (Skill can be upgraded upon reaching a certain threshold.)»

"...Ultimate champions? But my move failed."

«Use- Boost the ATK by +500 if the player is not holding any weapons during the battle. Active time- Last during the battle. Cooldown- No Cooldown.»

"Now this is tempting me to not use my weapon," Zach uttered in a low voice.

Zach then opened his stats to see the changes.


HP- 400.

ATK- 108.

Physical Strength- 108.

Mental Strength- 333

Soul Strength- 0

Physical DEF- 100.

Mental DEF- 696

Soul DEF- 0


MP- Locked (can be unlocked after reaching level 5.)

EXP- 150/2500 (to level up.)

Physique- Celestial- Max.

Class- Cultivator. (Maxed)

Accessible points- 50

"Why are my mental stats not increasing?" Zach tried to his accessible points on Mental strength, but it failed.

He looked at the EXP points and uttered, "150 might be my next unlucky number…"

Zach sighed as he thought about where he should use his accessible points. Although, his choices were limited in the first place. He used 15 points on ATK, 15 points on Physical strength, and 20 points on AGILITY. His agility was once again double than it was before.

"Now then, what should I do now?" Zach looked at the timer and saw only 30 minutes had passed.

'I still have thirty minutes left. Should I enter the 6th floor? But Shay said it would be out of our league.' Zach pondered on what he should do next. Then, he remembered the quests.

He opened his quest board and saw he had received two new quests upon completing the first two.

[«Quest- Reach level 5.»

‹Time- ∞.›

«Reward- 5000 coins.»]

[«Quest- Clear ten floors of the dungeon.»

‹Time- ∞.›

«Reward- 5000 EXP.»]

[«Quest- Equip a Gold Rank Weapon.»

‹Time- ∞.›

«Reward- 500 Epic grade material powder. (Can be used while crafting new equipment to boost its stats. 1 powder = 10 points.)»

"5000 coins… to reach level 5…" Zach stuttered as he remembered that making money in the game also gives the money in the real-life bank account.

'I am currently level 4, and I only need 2350 EXP to level up.'

Zach wasn't informed about the EXP gain on the floors after the fifth, and he had no idea what type of monsters were awaiting him.

After pondering for a while, Zach decided to go against Shay's warning and entered the blue portal to proceed to floor 6.


Total players in the game 46411.

21 new players logged in.

9 players died.



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