Forgotten Kisses
2 The Date
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Forgotten Kisses
Author :an_nna
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2 The Date

"My treat." he says reaching for the bill.

I don't argue with him but just smile.

We laugh as we're walking down the hall to our apartment.

"After you my lady." He says bowing after opening the door.

"You're much too kind." I say as I curtsy.

We start bursting into laughter as we enter the apartment. He closes the door and the click of the lock rings into the room. I turn around and he's approaching me. I place my hands on his shoulders, his hands now on the small of my back. His deep brown eyes stare into mine. His head slowly closing into mine until our noses are touching. He leans a bit closer until are lips are locked together. One kiss leads to another and to another until where in the bedroom. My hand grazes over his chest. I undo button by button on his shirt. His cold hand pressed against my cheek kissing me while the other on the top of my back on my zipper. He takes his hands off me for a second to take his shirt off. Quickly he moves his hands back onto my zipper and in one swift motions pulls it down. The tension of the dress releases. In an ever quicker motion he slips me out of the dress. I push away for a second. His breath is heavy and his eyes look confused. I sit down in the bed before laying down with my arms by my head. He quickly gets up on the bed and kneels over me starting to kiss my neck. I run my hands over his bare chest. His hands are cold on my waist, but the rest of his body is warm. He grabs my legs and wraps them around his waist. He leans in closer. I lay there limp letting him do whatever he wants to my body. He slips his hand under my back and fumbles with my bra strap in one hand. The other hand is now at the top of my thigh. The tension of my bra releases and I feel even more free as he pulls it off me. His mouth touches every inch of my chest then my stomach then my legs. He places both of his hands firmly on my hips pulling down the last item of clothing.

"This isn't fair." I say.

He stops and looks at me then at himself. Realizing that he still has clothes on. He pulls them down and continues. His body on top of mine like we are one.


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