1 1.A little girl
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Author :desmondongjunkit78
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1 1.A little girl

Dream are wide.Sometimes u will dream something that u couldn't imagine or even something horror.But,have u ever thought that your dream became real?

I saw a little girl stand near my house gate.I feel weird and I ask her,[where is your parent,sweetie?]she said:[my parents died last year..]I feel pity for this little girl when I heard her parents died.[it's dark outside,why don't u come inside and find your way home on the next morning?] [ok.]she replied.[u will sleep in my bedroom sweetie,I will call u next morning]

[ok.by the way,thank you] the little girl smile at me and went upstairs

the living room turns silence after she went upstairs .I started to clean my backyard that was still unclean. After the backyard was clean,I felt tired and wanted to sleep.Just when I began to switch off the light,I heard a weird sound upstairs.curious overwhelmed me and I walk upstairs.the sound came from my bedroom,where the little girl sleep.that little girl supposed to sleep right now but what is she doing? I slowly open the door.I shock when I saw that little girl eating her lungs!her eyes became dark red and the floor covered with blood.My heart was pounding fast.What the fuck?! I was afraid,so afraid until I forgot to run.She saw me and said to me [Mine lungs not enough to eat,so,I want yours!]
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