Call of Duty Modern Warfare
2 Crew Expandable
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Call of Duty Modern Warfare
Author :aliawada
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2 Crew Expandable

It's 1:40 A.M. The crew is taking a briefing.

"Alright,"Price said,"Bravo Team the intel on this operation comes from our informant in Russia. The package in aboard medium freighter, Estonian registration number52775; a small enemy crew and security detail onboard are waiting to be killed"

" Rules of engagement sir?" Gaz said.

Price: Crew expandable.Let's go. Minutes

later, the British helicopter is flying beside the ship, the operation has begun.

"Baseplate this is Hammer-Two-Four. Visual on the target E.T.A.60 seconds." The pilot said.

"Copy that good luck down there." Baseplate said.

- Thirty seconds, ten seconds, Bravo team you're clear to secure the channel.

Price threw his cigar and said: Lock and Load.

- Green line go go go.

- Weapons free on the enemies.

The Mp5 is a deadly weapon, one bullet and he's down.

" Bridge clear sir" Soap said

" Down the stairs boys" Capt. said.

There were a drunk soldier holding the Vodka bottle.

" What the hell" Soap said." He looks that he drunk like five Vodka bottles, let kill him."

Soap came closer to the drunk man. The soldier gave Soap the bottle and asked him if he want. He held the bottle and hit the drunk idiot with it and shot in his head. Three soldiers were sleeping, he shot them and said: Sweet dreams.

"Gaz get you clear to get down with the rest of the crew." Price said.

All the crew is onboard now armed with Mp5 and flash bangs.

- Sir, six on the platform.

- Weapons free.

All the crew opened fire on the enemy.

- All clear.

They advanced a bit, but the machine guns stopped them.

- Hammer-Two-Four we are taking heavy fire, take the machine guns out.

The chopper fired with their guns until no gunners are left alive.

- Bravo-6 we're at bingo fuel, returning to base to refuel and rearm, we'll pick you up with the package,out.

- Copy that, Griffen and Wallcroft cover us the rest of you with me.Gaz open the door.

He grabbed a shotgun and said: I like to keep this, for close encounters.

- Too right mate.Check your corners.

- Contact left sir.

-Soap throw a frag grenade.

- Yes sir.

All the Russian went to the ground.

- Stack to the door and wait for me.

Gaz flash em.

-Copy that. Tossing.

- Go go go.

-Soap take point.

- This is Gaz, I've got a strong reading sir.

They've opened the container, it was a nuclear boom.

- Oh it's in Arabic. Baseplate this Bravo-6 we've found the package, ready for transportation.

- No time Price, two aircraft headed your way. Grab the manifest and get out there.

- Copy out. Soap get the manifest. Everyone top side double time. Wallcroft what's your states?

- I'm already in the helicopter with Griffen. Shit, the aircrafts opened fire get the hell out there.

The ship started to sink and exploded.

" What was that?!!" Soap said

" The ship is sinking we got to go". Gaz said.

- This is your Captain speaking, let's go. On your feet son we are leaving!

Gaz said : Move your legs, you beat me in the test Soap, show us what you can do!

The team reached the top and boarded the chopper. Soap jumped, he was sliding off the door of the helicopter, until someone shouted :" Sir catch Soap." Price caught him and said: I've got you son. Two- Four we are onboard get us home.


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