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Call of Duty Modern Warfare
Author :aliawada
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1 F.N.G

"Good news, the world is in a great shape", Gaz said."But we've got a civil war in Russia, Government Loyalists against Ultranationalist Rebels and add to that sir fifteen thousand nuke at stake."

"Just another day at the office". Captain Price said. An old man growing up his brown mustache.

- Khaled Al-Asad, currently the second most powerful terrorist in the Middle East, and were doing all what we can to capture him.

- What about the bad news.

- We've got a new fresh soldier joining us today, nicknamed Soap.

-Train him as hard as you can, because I need him in the cargo ship operation.

- I'll do my best sir.

- Dismissed.

Gaz went to the training zone after giving Soap the time and place.

Gaz said: Good to see ya mate.

" Thank you sir, I'm ready."

- Call me Gaz bro, I'm not sir. Let's begin, grab one of the rifles on the table.

It's G36C assault rifle, it can be used as full automatic, semi-automatic,burst, or locked. Any questions?

- No no questions.

- Good. Now go to station one putting your rifle on full- auto mode.

He went to the first station and switched the rifle to the full auto mode.

- Perfect Soap, now fire the two targets that will pop up.

Gaz pressed the button, but Soap quickly shot them as if he doesn't.

- You look like a sniper there. I'll make this for you harder by popping the targets in very fast way, reload and give me a mark when you're ready.

-1,2,3 mark.

Gaz popes up a target per 2 sec but Soap shot them fast.

- Bloody shooting mate. Grab that pistol from the table.

- It looks heavy.

- Yes it's. Desert Eagle pistol, mostly used by Capt. Price. Switch from rifle to pistol as fast as possible. And always remember when you're surrounded by enemies and your rifle is empty, switching from rifle to pistol is always faster than reloading.

Time to eat some melon. Knifing is faster than switching to your pistol. Knife it.

Soap knifed the melon hard into to parts.

- Your fruit cutting skills are remarkable. Capt. Price want to see you in hanger one.

- Thank you Gaz have a good day.

- And you can train how to throw grenade and use your grenade launcher.

- Yeah sure, where it's?

Gaz opened the door.

- Behind that truck, just go there and ask for Private Barns.

" So you're the new one eh?"

" Yeah first day. Barnes?"

- Yes I am. Grab some grenade and go to the indicated zone.

Soap went to a safe zone while Barns to high point where he can see everything in the training region.

-Throw grenade to window one, two, three, and four.

- Alright I get it.

- C'mon do it.

He threw 4 grenade on the windows.

- Get back where you've got the grenade, there's an grenade launcher attached to a M16 rifle.

- I hope it's easy than shooting.

- Trust me it too easy.

- The M16 is less weight and nice look.

- The best weapon if you want to ask me. Shoot a grenade on wall 1.

- It didn't explode.

- That's right. As you know grenade launchers should be fired at 3 meters from the target. Try try to shoot in window number seven then tell me what you'll notice.

He shot that thing, it's was powerful.

- It exploded. It's a weapon of mass destruction.

- Go back to the table and get a C4.

- It's small, do you think it'll make a big explosion?

-Let's see. Thank my ex-wife, she was kind enough by donate his car fir your education Soap. Plant the C4 on the car.

- Let's plant it on the motor cover.

- Always remember that you should get at least 4 meters from it.

- Ready.

- Fire in the hole!!

- What the hell it is a destructive.

- Told you so, you're perfect now to use grenades. Good lick in the Captain's test.

- Thank you.

Soap walked holding the M16 and G36C assault rifle to hanger and opened it. Four guys were wearing gas masks but the fifth wasn't.

One of them said :" It's the F.N.G. sir, go easy on him Cap it's his first day at school."

"Yeah, what the hell kinda name is Soap. How'd a muppet like passed the selection." Price said."Soap you'll run the CSOT( cargo ship operation test),for this test you'll run the cargo ship solo less than 60 seconds, good luck;climb the ladders over there.

Drop all what you've got from weapons, pistols, rifles, grenades,everything. Replace them by Mp5 S.M.G.(sub machine gun)and four flash bangs. You'll follow my directions at each position. By the way, try to defeat Gaz he hold the best record in the squad 19 seconds.

Grab the rope when you're ready son.

Soap descended via the rope; he didn't heard anything except Price saying " Go go"," throw flash bangs",or "shoot the target." But he defeated Gaz by holding 15 second.

- Bloody good job son you're ready for your missions. Gentlemen the cargo ship operation has began, get some rest, ready your weapons wheels up at 2A.M. Dismissed.Soap just a sec, I haven't seen a new soldier shooting like a professional, good work. What's your real name.

- John McTavish or Soap I like it more.

-Get some rest before the operation.

- Thank you sir.


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