29 End of Volume 1
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Author :jordanmoore
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29 End of Volume 1

He looked at me and sighed, "Remember when you were at the park and found marijuana and got caught?"
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"Yes." I say

"Well, we planted that and dressed cops up to come chase you." He said. If I had the gun I would have shot him right there. In front of the whole hospital.

"You planned that?"

"Mhm, and that time you were "killed by a train" by that guy." He says smirking.

"You fuck. You planned that, you almost killed-" I stopped myself.

"Yep, I planned everything down to the homeless guy with the gun."

I stare dagger at him.

I started to wonder if he knew about my mom getting engaged to that fuck and the murder. I sit tight.

"Well.. what do you say to joining our show. All you have to do is go through your average life as what you do and you'd make millions." I think about it, millions to be on some lame tv show. Millions to explore and be a badass my whole life? I was down. I smirk and shake his hand.

"You got yourself a deal." I say smirking. Let's see what this tv life has in store for me. This hollywood life.

Author's note:

This is the end of the story and I am glad you all enjoyed my crazyass life. Like I had said, some of this crazy ass shit like the murder never happened. Yes, I've burned shit down and the places in the story are all real but the actions that happen aren't all true.

Everything from fighting a hobo and sneaking out is real, the crazy actions are fake. The gang and mafia is fake and I recommend you not to follow my actions.

Volume two will be out sometime in the next 2 weeks, I wanna make y'all wait. My story the bad boys is in fact out and in writing. Please rate this story and go check out my others.

Much love



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