27 Fuck this
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Author :jordanmoore
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27 Fuck this

"We don't know, we'll ask the her mother to bring her to the studio tomorrow."

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What? What studio? Maybe he said Station. Ugh, what did I do now?

" She was passed out on the street when we found her." He says, I smirk. Yeah, the usual. "No, she didn't burn anything down."

I wanted to laugh at this. I had to get out with cop car, I pretend to just wake up. "Where am I?" I say. He was driving pretty fast, the partner was a female

"We're taking you to the station, babe." She says. But.. I can't go to the station, "babe".

I manage to kick the door open after examining what kind of car door lock it is.

I jump out. This shit is fun, but my days of suicide have to come to an day.


Anyway, I'm pretty sure if I didn't break my leg I hurt it pretty fucking bad. I start running anyway, this shit was not coming to an end soon. My leg hurt like hell along with the arm I fell out on.

I was close to my old house, I run pass Lewis Park and get to Mia's house. "Fuck think, Jay." They were coming and I couldn't hide here, they knew me too well by now. I wait for them to caught up then run so they see me run the opposite direction. I run through backyards, lawns, jump on cars, anything I could do to cause the most attention and distraction away from Mia's house.

I lose them and run back to Mia's, I sneak into her backyard and wait until the sun comes up. By the time I was going to escape the backyard the cops were outside Mia's house waiting. As if I wasn't prepared for that.

I get out from the back and hop into the next neighbor's yard then walk two blocks before I go to my old house. My leg fucking hurted. I had to get in through the back door, it was unlocked. The neighbors were sleeping so they could careless.

When I got up there were cops everywhere surrounding the house. Guess they were deadass about me going to that station.

A/N: I know this shit is late, my bad babe. Today's my birthday, pity me.


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