25 Goodbye.
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Author :jordanmoore
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25 Goodbye.



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I hid the body, he wasn't dead. I hit a nerve, if anything he was just unconscious. I set it in the backyard where I had dragged him and waited. He woke up, he couldn't get up nor move due to how well he was duct taped. I stabbed him, I wanted him to pay. His mouth was duct taped shut.

No one could see this, I had him on a dead end of the backyard where the neighbors were blind to. "You tried to kill me" I put the knife deeper. He was in so much pain, this was too enjoyable. "You engaged my mom." I take the knife out his arm then put it in his leg. "And now" I laugh "Ya gotta go." I say smiling.

I slit his throat... slowly... painfully... passionately... and it felt...

It felt good. I went inside the house and my mother was standing there waiting with the phone up to her ear. She was on the phone with the police, telling them my every move. I whispered "sorry ma, but I don't fuck with opps." I point the gun at her. "tell them it's fine, it was a misunderstanding." she did as I said then hung up, I slapped her with the gun. She fell unconsious. Fuck, if I kill her the cops would know it's me.. I can't say I was at a friend's house because she had just told them I was there.. they would find both bodies and it'll be too obvious.

I put her in the basement then locked the door. "C'mon, Jay it's your mom." I said to myself as I turned and began to walk away. I went and got 3 water bottles, and made 4 sandwiches. I gave them to her then locked her there with a flashlight. I put a mattress over the door after I locked it. It would just be a head's up that she got out.

I set in the living room, I was shock. The woman I once feared now feared me more. I just needed to do one thing. I posted on my mother's facebook that she; "GOING TO VISIT FAMILY TOMORROW!!! CAN'T WAIT TO PARTYYY. JUST NEED A BABYSITTER..." This shit would buy me time, I was going to invite Lilin's older sister and Lili over. If anyone came by she'd answer as the babysitter.


Lili, Isis, and Princess (her sisters) came over and I explained to them what happened. I showed them the body and explained. My mom had woke up and been banging on the door. I decided that they would stay for a night just in case.

Someone knocked and I went with Princess to go see who it was. It was a two cops, " Hey, we came to investigate." one says. I open the door, "with what warrants?" I ask.


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