23 Goodbye?
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Author :jordanmoore
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23 Goodbye?

The voice wasn't a kid we could just fight then leave, it was to deep. I looked at Liam, Dani, and Sam then half-nodded. Then I turned to everyone else and did the same before walking toward the voice. Yeah, we were in the mountains, but even in Vegas it was hot there. I didn't need them losing any energy fighting.
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When I approached the voice it was a man. I could careless who he was, "Gotta problem, b?" I said glaring in his eyes. I put my hands in my pocket, he tucked his shirt and I saw it. A gun, semi-auto pistol. I licked my lips, it was one of the homeless runts that lived in the mountains. "What's your caught?" I said keeping my chill, the gang didn't know he had a gun. It was better that way, too, I could've fought him but a move like that.. it wasn't worth the energy. "Give me your bag." He says looking me in the eyes. I was bold, but was he the same? "How about... no?" I say tilting my head, a gun doesn't scare me, a homeless runt doesn't scare me, getting bitched TERRIFIED me.

I could tell he wasn't the fighting type, he was thin and small- taller than me, but small. I was thin but had more muscle and better legs. "I could handle him." I thought as I saw him reaching for the gun. I push him then take the gun, it was probably fake or unloaded. The gang runs over, Dani starts kicking the guy and everyone else is more interested in the gun. I clock it back and pull the trigger, on my 13th birthday I had when to a gun rink and learned how to shoot. It was DEFINITELY real, and loaded. "Ha, what do ya know?" I say smirking and examing the gun, everyone was terrified. I put it in my backpack then continued to lead the way.

We snuck back in school and it was lunch time. I knew the gun had to go but I didn't want to get rid of it. The gang set talking about how fun it was painting the wall, I stayed eating trying to process what I had done. Liam looked at me, "You okay?" He asks. I try to keep my chill, I immediately go back to neutral "Perfect, b." I say looking down at my food.

I walked home that day. Knowing that he'd be there, evil fuck. Today I'd actually maybe get a name. When I walk in I see them talking in the living room. I go to the kitchen and get a knife, call me childish but this fuck was GOING to die. I walk up slowly- oh shit, I remember I had the gun. I put the knife in my backpack, I put the gun under my shirt. I walk in and look at them, they stop talking. I smirk as my mom gets ready to speak. " BABE! " I say getting the gun, he turns and I clock it. "Bye." I closed one eye, get my aim, then then pull the trigger. He dropped.

I point the gun at her, "Tell anyone and you're next, think smart." I say trying my best to sound calm.

Author's Note: I'm coming out with a story called "The Bad Boys" and it's for my girls that are more of the fragile type. If you're not much of a "badass" this one is about a nerdy girl that meets the bad boys and end up having a hell of a friendship with them. It's going to be 7-8 episodes with means it will be fast. Also will have special music scenes and romance bullshit.



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