22 THERE“S 7 OF ME ?!
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Author :jordanmoore
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22 THERE“S 7 OF ME ?!

It was Thursday, the team was easy to assemble. 3 boys, Liam (15), Kyan (14), Michael (15). 2 girls, Kylie (14), Sam (15). Dani helped me assemble them with notes saying "Get down or Lay down. Wanna get your hands dirty this Friday?" on Wednesday.

Kylie was patrol, watching over everything. No teachers, no cops, no witnesses. Liam and Dani were responsible for stealing the spray paint. Liam distracts while Daniella gets paint and snacks. Kyan and Michael bring the extra clothes, black hoodies, black jeans, and whatever black shoes we could wear. Sam was responsible for distracting teachers while we sneak out. This job was something that didn't even have to be done, teachers usually have things to do and no time to waste monitoring the school.

There's 7 of us, 3 hall monitors, and 2 cops patrolling sometimes. This was going to be easy. On Friday we meet up in the Library, there were about 30 other kids there but it was whatever. I was the master mind, they listened and obeyed like my minions. I OWNED them, it was fun having the control. They were to take a certain amount of time to sneak out of class and do their jobs.

By 3rd period I had Dani, after attendance we snuck out together and met Liam by the bathrooms. Kylie was patrolling as a student that was "just using the restroom" she walked around the school. If stopped said she was heading to the restrooms. Kyan comes with 4 pairs of clothes and short after, Michael comes with the rest. Sam shot me a text that we needed to hide, teachers were coming our way. I tell everyone to go in the bathrooms and not long after 2 teachers walk pass then stop. "Ms. Prit, we should monitor the sixth hundreds hall." We hear. They start walking and we all wait a solid 2 minutes then I send a text to our group chat saying there's still 1 other hall monitor. We all get out the restrooms and run outside the school.

Dani and Liam were fast, Dani walked around trying to find a "glue gun" under the price they could pay. Liam talked to the cashiers about the glue guns they had. Dani walked around throwing snacks in her backpack then grabbing about 20 spray paints. Then she grabbed a glue gun and asked how much it was.
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By the time we got to the back of the police station it was 30 minutes left of 3rd period. It would take 10 minutes to get back to school, that was enough time. We spray paint a couple of symbols and random gang signs. The 7 of us just met 2 days ago and there we were helping each other graffitti a huge symbol representing us. The soldiers is what she called ourselves, we wrote "TS" in front of our symbol. 7 kids, one big family is what we seemed like.

When we were finish we changed our clothes one at a time on a different side of the building. I was the last, I wanted to make sure if we got caught they could run. We headed back to school and by the time we were close to the rec I heard a voice. "HEY!" they said and we all turned calmly as if it was just a puppy following us. Yeah, I was definitely keeping this gang.


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