21 bad? maybe.
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Author :jordanmoore
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21 bad? maybe.

Of course I knew I'd be back home tonight but what I heard before that stop light changed me.

"We're engaged."

How? Whatever. I got shit to get off my mind. I could care less where I was. All I knew was she took me to a hospital I didn't know, I could always ask the cops to drive me. Of course they'd know who I am but for right now, I needed to find myself. The cops later found me and drove me home.
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When I got there she and him were there, "We were worried about you." Yeah, ight. You are sitting on the cough watching a movie worried. "So was I." I say then leave the cops in the living room to talk to my mom.

I get to my room and change, I had no phone since it was tooken away. She gave it to me for school only, I hated having one anyway. I go to her room and grab my old phone, I needed directions to sneak out.

Something came over me. It wasn't fear. It wasn't a third sense.. it was something I was doing to myself. Overthinking. Something I promised myself on my 13th birthday I would never do again. Let my thoughts get in the way of an opportunity.

I look in the mirror at myself. "Pussy." I kind of whisper. That's what Lil used to say, anytime someone wanted to miss out. It was the word I used to describe myself until my 13th birthday. Pussy. I snuck out despite the guilt, I came back and supposedly they didn't know what caused the fire. I'd be going back to school the next day.

As soon as I walked in the building everyone is waving and pointing at me. Of course THEY knew what started the fire, or maybe that I was just there. The rec was closed off from students until they got new structure.

By lunch time, everyone went crazy asking what happen and if I had started the fire. I was used to being knownby the first day, of was something I was good at. Becoming known for something- anything. I told everyone I wasn't the cause of the fire, but I can't say anymore than that.

Damn, this was going to be easy. I needed a team of misbehaving bratz that'll be up for some badass gigs. Graffitti buildings, running from cops, sneaking in and out of classes, all that badass shit. I found the perfect 5 kids too, our first gig was this Friday. Sneak out of 3rd, steal spray paint from this store close by, then graffitti the fire station behind the school. This shit was gonna be fun, real fucking fun.

Author's note:

Any questions? I'm on ig: @lmaojaystfu

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