20 Fuck this shit, I“m out.
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Author :jordanmoore
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20 Fuck this shit, I“m out.

I don't know what it was, maybe this wasn't pumping my adrenalin fast enough but I couldn't deal with the sight of just sitting on a mountain watching a playground burn down. People gasped, I could barely hear over my thoughts. Over the screams, I grabbed Dani's arm and dragged her down the mountain with me and down to the playground

(Listen to Hide by Jucie Wrld while reading this)

I looked for an opening in the fire. "Jay, what the hell are you doing?!" Dani says, I still had a good grip on her arm. I jump into the fire, this shit was either going to kill us or make us. "JAY, PLEASE!" Dani says as I drag her through the fire, she knew I was the only one that could free her. I look her straight in her eyes with a calm look on my face. "Babe, you're with me. Name a time you haven't been safe." She has tears in her eyes. I got a better grip and pushed her through the fire opening, I was under the playground. If i was going to die, I wanted my last words to go to her. I could hear her screaming my name, she was okay. I couldn't breathe, I swear I commit suicide everyday. The opening was gone now, it had been slowly fading. I was crazy, but it was worth it. I would be remembered but never in a good way. I just wanted to make everyone's life worth it, mine never mattered. I lay, not because I'm tired but I'm weak. My lungs were worthless. I pass out.

(turn off music)

My usual life, I wake up in a hospital. Guess legends really don't die? Fuck my life. Of course my mom is there.. but you'll never believe who she brought with her. The fucking snake. The thing- the evil fuck. I try to stay calm. I stand up as soon as I open my eyes, not suddenly just calmly. I check if my mom brought me extra clothes. "Hello to you too." He says. I turn and glare at him then continue my search. "You're not getting your clothes, you do know that right?" My mom says.

You're fucking kidding.

Think, think, think. I had no phone, no clothes, no way of escape. I knew exactly what to do.
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"Mom, can we go home? I don't feel comfortable here. Much rather be there with you." and it worked however.. the he came.

I got dressed and we headed to the car and as soon as she hit a red light I ran.


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