18 School? Sounds Fun. ?
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Author :jordanmoore
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18 School? Sounds Fun. ?

It was Ian and Ryder, the fact that I don't even think they can stand each other shocked me that they could be together right now.

"Go where, assholes?"

"Somewhere else. Jay it's better for you to stay with you parents and-" I interrupted Ryder

"I've already made that decision and I'm staying."

"Jay...your mom sold this house."


I tried to act more chill then shocked about it but it still worried me that she left knowing that I never knew she did. I mean, at lease give me a hint.

Ian and Ryder drove me to this house that looked much different from our- well HER old home.

I knocked on the door, Ian decided to wait in the car while me and Ryder went to go tell my mom the news.

She opened the door almost like she knew of my arrival.


"mother." i said evenly, sounding cold.

"You're here? Without a cop driving you or getting dragged back?" she seemed more curious then shocked.

"Yeah, it's whatever. Are we invited in?" I said while walking in without her saying so.

I walked in, it was pretty decent. I walk up stairs as if I already knew where I was and walked into a big room.

"this is mine." I think numbly. I wasn't going to ask if it was anyone's, over the days I've learned if I want it it's mine. That goes for everything..

After I was done setting all my stuff down I got back to the living room where my mom and Ryder were talking and she made them both these slushies. I grabbed Ryder's after he took his first sip and damn there wanted to glop it down. He stared emotionless at me as if he knew that's what I was supposed to do.

"Hahaha, I guess you know Jordan." My mom says

"It's Jay." I say after taking a sit and shoving it back to Ryder. "and I'd hate to remind you of the scene you caused between Mia and I." I say coldly while walking up to her and tilting my head... damn i watch to many murder movies.

"Jordan, your name is Jordan. You were named, you've been called that since birth, it's Jordan."

and with that, I excuse Ryder Thanking him for bring me and with a quick glare. I walked up to my room and unpacked.

*1 month later

So tomorrow is my first day of school, I OFFICIALLY can come back. After a million calls to the principal him and my mom made a solid agreement. If I keep my grades up I get to stay in school... if not.. I'm never allowed back in ANY classroom. Ever. Let's see how far this one goes... here I come, be ready Andrew High.

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It's Monday, 11:52PM so I'm only a day late.. meaning no extra episode but I have to post early this week.


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