17 Home.
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Author :jordanmoore
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17 Home.

My team ran out the back door, the FBI broke the door open. The other Mafia shot at the cops.. idiots. It was now a shoot out, cops were surrounding the house the extras came in. The trap house was filled with nothing but blood, bullets, and opps. I couldn't run to Louis Park with a whole Mafia of armed, bloody gang members. The hotel was probably surrounded with cops at this hour, I had no other choice.

I told my gang to go back to the PH, it was a play house. That's what I called it, we kept guns and drugs there. I headed somewhere more suitable for a 15 year old.

When I snuck thru the window I felt nothing but desperation, desperate that my mom came to a realization about her boyfriend. However.. when I walked into my room I saw nothing but a bed with no blanket nor sheets and dressers with no makeup or accessories on top. My clothes still were there, but none of my other things. I walked down stairs and there it was..

all my stuff lay before the stair case, some in the fire place, some waiting to be burned. I walk toward the fire place, grab two of my backpacks that were on the floor, and stuffed them with the things not in the fire already.

When I was done I set in my room, turn the lights off and decided on something I didn't think I would have decided in a long time. I had to stay with my mom, go back to school, and get a job. I hated the good girl look, but this want a choice. This was something I had to do to survive, the cops don't show mercy, and jail doesn't sympathize.

As I was sitting on my bed finishing my last thought I hear someone coming in the house. A key turned, the door opened, and they were in. My room door was closed and my room was pitch black. "Fuck it" I whisper and lay down to listen to foot steps of who the person was. I mean if I die, I die, I can't stop them now.

"The window is still open, she's in here." This is a male voice. "Yeah, she's got to be." another voice says. They walk up stairs and I get up silently, not afraid just curious.
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They stop in front of my mom's door, I knew this because the angle of how the voices reflected. I just stood there with my hands in my pockets and my eyes straight on the my door. To be scared would be foolish, they didn't even know which room was mine.

After they check all the rooms they finally stood in front of my door. They jiggle it, I suppose to scare who ever was in there. I keep my eyes on the door and grab my gun. "We know your in there, come on out." I tilt my head, hand still in my pocket and gun down. Not making a single sound, "She's afraid" one says...


They open the door and quickly turn on the light, I look both in the eyes and I don't believe what I see.

"Jay, come with us."

Authors note:

Not a single soul:

Not even God:


The world:

Intruder: She's afraid.


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