16 Fucking splendid
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Author :jordanmoore
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16 Fucking splendid

I stop, I just stand there.. Looking behind me confused. Then I felt someone grab my arm. I turn quickly, it was Mia. "GOTCHO ASS" she says. "Whatever." I say walking away, I didn't know if my mom got out her car and followed, and I didn't care. I grabbed Mia's arm and we walked. I pulled her hood over her head when we reached the end of the ally and I looked down handing Mia her bag.

When we reached Mia's house it started to rain, funny including the fact it was sunny before. I walk Mia to her porch then stop, " Look, it's not safe for me to be here. I'm gonna go meet Lil and plan something. Lay low for me, okay?" Mia looked equally terrified and relieved, I would be gone from her but unsafe anywhere I lay my head.

I never told Lilin to meet me, she just knew where and when. I walked to Lewis and texted her, "Meet Me."

Lil told me she didn't know where I could stay, her mom hated me so her house wasn't an option. Lili went on to rant about something then the thought came to me, Annelise. Annelise's parents had kicked her out and got her a hotel to stay in. I called her.


"Jay, what, just WHAT?" she asks

"So your hotel? I'm staying there."

"No.. that's a no."

"Suit yourself but I have $169 on me"


"your parents aren't buying you food.."

And with that she agreed Lili and I could stay, I didnt support Lili running away from home but I was doing it so how could I tell her other wise?

It's been two weeks, Annelise let us stay but I can't stay in one spot. I had to go, but Lili had to stay. I wasn't allowed out of the hotel, to many cameras and officers around. So Lili would go around and do my money root, sell drugs for me, buy drugs, anything I asked her to do. It was one night in particular my gang, the Diamonds had to meet up around the corner from the hotel for a meeting. I had to go, this night police weren't out as much anyway.

By the first 15 minutes I knew this meeting was entirely bullshit. The leader, Ross, was a guy who obviously thought women couldn't handle a Mafia.

"You should work with me." He says "Ya know, let me get 2/3 of your profit while I provide a place and food for you."

...I hate to call people dumb at the best of times but this one was an idiot. I refused and turned the deal to him, " How about... " I think "How about this, you give me 2/3 of your profit if I plan your drug deals." This idiot agrees after talking about every way possible I can betray him... how dumb does dumb get?

"Well it's a deal then?" I ask.

"Yeah..I guess It is." he says

I put my hand out for him to shake it.


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you're kidding?

Authors Note:

I'm gonna post on Saturdays and Sundays.


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