15 Fuck, Mia.
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Author :jordanmoore
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15 Fuck, Mia.

I remember running, running a lot. Exhausting running, just..tired. I remember falling, being caught, but not being caught rough and getting dragged by my arm until I stand. It wasn't a catch I was used to, it felt like someone who cared.

I don't remember much, but when I wake up I see him. I was lying down on his bed, him just starting at me judging if I was okay. "R-Ryder?" I say faintly, he looks relieved. "Jay, I- you- are you okay?" he whispers, he was so close to my face. He puts his hand on my cheek as if he's going to kiss me. I stand up, I gotta go. Ryder grabs my hand gently and I turn to him. "You should rest, Jay." He looks concerned.

"Don't worry." I say quietly reassuring him.

"I'll drive you." He says standing.

It's not like he'll accept a no.

I fall asleep in the car and all I remember is Ryder picking me up and lying me in Mia's bed. I don't even remember telling Ryder I was going to Mia's.

In the morning, I wake up and see Mia lying next to me. I get up and check Mia's phone, it was 5 AM. I log into my Instagram to check my feed. " five thousand follwers and not one person to talk to." I whisper to myself.

I wake Mia up and we go out to eat breakfast at IHOP, we had snuck out and it was 6:36 AM so it wasn't hard. After we finished we went back home, I had left over pancakes. We had to walk so I made Mia carry my bags. Mia walked behind me as I played on her phone, walking with my head down.

I big van swooshs pass on the other side of the street then makes a U-turn to my side, I look up. It was my mom's van, fuck. fuck. fuck. fuck.
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I throw my hood on, I knew she saw me but this was worth a try. I run toward Mia and I grab my bag and hers out of her hand I start RACING the other way. I race to an ally way where a car nor van that big can fit. I turn to make sure Mia is following, she wasn't.


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