14 Really? Now?
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Author :jordanmoore
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14 Really? Now?

I sat up, I felt ..good. What was this? I looked at me and realized I had still had no pants on, "Oh right, that must be why you're so hesitant, you uh- started your period."

I looked in complete shock, these weren't even the underwear i had been wearing before. Had he- "You were quite drunk. I only took off your pants and lead you to the shower, you understood quite well that you needed to bathe so all I did was turn on the water and turned. I waited til you were in to sit next to the bath tub and make sure you were alright- I swear the curtain was closed!"

I stare in complete shock and embarrassment. Ian had took care of me? He didn't even look as he wanted anything in return. The xan had to still be there because I felt a sudden burst of energy. I sprinted up, "I'll go to the gym." I said, I sounded so faded. Who goes to the gym anymore? Ian stared at me and I walked out before he'd said anything, I throw on some clothes. I knew the xan would have knocked me out shortly so I decided to go to the mall.

I walk into forever 21, I think I'm acting normal as the world. Yes, that's actually what I thought, but this worker walked up to me and asked if I was okay. "Oh me? Yeah, I feel 100 pounds lighter." ...what? I was to pure for this world, I had to leave. I grabbed 2 shirts and hoops earrings, one gold pair, one silver and went to go pay.

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As I walked out I felt amazing, I didn't know if I could walk the one block Mia's house was from here, but I knew I could survive it. I stepped out the store and the alarm went off. I hadn't took anything. The guards immediately walked back over to me, and by instincts I ran, they followed.


Yea I know ima day late buh my life is hella crazy so its hard to stay up to date.


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