13 Ian?
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Author :jordanmoore
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13 Ian?

I mean, jail didn't sound that bad, I'd look pretty good in orange, anyway. The figure turned to look at the cops then pulled me inside the pizza shop. I immediately knew who this was. Ryder, one of the students in my old school.

"Jay, what are you doing out of juvi?"

Juvi? Why would I be in Juvi? Guess that was what everyone was saying.

"I never was in Juvi, I got expelled. How ever I'm sure the police know who I am,mind giving me a lift?"

Ryder looked suprized, he agreed to drive me to Mia's house. I forgot all about food, I still had my hood on searching for any sign of suspicion. When we get there I thank Ryder for the ride he tries to walk me in and I convince him I'm fine, hoping in a window isn't the most announcing.

"Jay, where'd you go?" This was Mia

"Hey, I went to get some clothes from home. Listen I'll be staying with you now."

Mia stared in complete confusion at these words. " house?" She stuttered

"Mhm, your house." I say quietly smirking. I begin to unpack, I couldn't wait for all the smoking sessions, throwing parties, and getting drunk in the wrong times.

It's been a week, I decided to celebrate the revenge of.. him.
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I get a couple drinks, some snacks, xans, and a wax pen. I started on the wax pen, Mia was at behavior school, her mom had work, and Ian was sleeping. I smoke until I feel numbed, nothing has taste or meaning. I pour some lemonade and drop a 1/2 of a xan pill in it.

Then 1/8 of vodak, then water, finally some tequila.

I couldn't stand, I set in the basement on my bed staring in the mirror across, this is what I've become? I lye down, I can't breathe well lying on my back on so I sit up again. What am I doing here, the xan had kicked in, I felt better than what the vodak made me feel.

I remember dosing off, they heard someone check on me. They probably noticed the drugs because they had picked me up and took my to a softer bed where I lie on my back, no energy. They pull me closer to them and turn me to my stomach, this was a guy.

I woke up to Ian rubbing my back, I felt I was in my underwear, he was sitting up rubbing me, it was 8 am, probably 10 by now. The thing he could have done while I was unconscious was unbelievable. He stared at me, "how are you feeling?" he says smirking. What had he done?


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