11 Siblings
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Author :jordanmoore
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11 Siblings

I look behind me to see a hand reaching out to up me up. I pull myself up, dust myself off, then look at the figure. "Oh ok, fuck you too, Jay." The figure jokes, it was Ian. "I..Ian how- why are you in Mia's house?" I ask confused. I thought they were friends, what was he doing with a key to her house? Was he possibly here for the same reason as me?

"I'm Mia's brother, she hadn't told you?" He said with his eyebrows raised

"Br- no, no she hadn't."

"Oh." He says looking down "That explains your reaction." He giggles alittle.

Then it hit me, I was also in Mia's house. Without their parents knowing. What would he think? I open my mouth to explain.

"Oh right, Mia told me you were staying here, I'm almost never here."

"Don't you and Mia have different dad's, though?"
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"Yes, our dad's are both cops and work together, they used to be partners but-"

He stops himself. I look down, embarrassed. What had Ian been talking about, though?

"I came to get my extra clothes I was going to stay at my mom's house this weekend. She'll be here soon, are you staying the night?"

"Uh, th- the night? No, your mom would call the cops. "

Mia's mom Jessie hated when Mia got in trouble, even knowing I was a source of any bad would get me put out of this house.

"My mom? No, she doesn't even know about your missing situation and the hospital escape. She always left when house inspectors came to look for you." Ian explained.

"Oh, then I'll explain to Mia I'll be staying over night."

I clean up the breakfast mess and Ian and I come up with an excuse. Mia comes home before her mom, she explains her mom took a different uber from the airport to fit all the luggage.

Jessie, Mia's mom had walked in, we were sitting on the cough watching a scary movie, we had popcorn, blankets, basically a whole set up. Mia was the first to speak.

"Hey, sorry for the inconvenience. Is it okay if my friend stays over tonight?" Mia says standing up. Their eyes adjust to look at me. I sit emotionless staring into her mother's eyes. It was something about this women that always gave me a bad vibe.

"Mom this is J-" Ian starts

"Jay." I interrupt, I quickly stand putting my hand out for her to shake it. I more so was expecting her to kiss it.

"Nice to meet you." she says shaking my hand, "you're quite beautiful." she says squinting. I quickly put my head down and release her hand. Close enough.

We head to bed and I sneak out, I gotta go back home, I take Mia's extra phone and some of her clothes. As I head toward her window I look back and see Mia laying on top a wax pen. I smirk, the shit I do for drugs, what a pothead. I lean over to grab the wax pen and Mia rolls on my hand... Let's just say, a 105 pound girl rolling on your hand DOESNT FEEL GOOD. I grab the wax pen and hold in my scream of pain.

I sneak in my house, grab some clothes, and leave. Fuck, I can't go back to Mia's. Fuck it, I'll sleep here. I lock my window and room door, but first I go check on my mom, just to see how she is. I slowly open her room door, her light was on, I peek inside.There was no one, hadn't she been sleeping at this time? I walk in and check her room, where is she? I search the house. Fuck it, where ever she is she can't know where I am. I have to wake up early, it's 11:35 AM how's five hours of sleep sound?

I wake up at 4:34, one minute before my alarm. It's like a have superpowers, I swear. I shut off the alarm and sneak to check on my mom. I heard someone snoring in her room, strange. She sleeps silently, I peek inside her room and see her, but she wasn't the only person in the bed.


Yeah, like I said this is some real life situations I've been in but no all of it is real, SOME IS FICTIONAL. Don't worry.


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