9 We meet again.
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Author :jordanmoore
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9 We meet again.

You finna die here on this train track

'Cause clearly after death, ain't no way you can find your way back. Thinking 'bout your previous memories, going way back.

Now your time finally up. Ask yourself the final question, is you going down or up? Recollectin' all the moments that you never gave a fuck. Now it's here, death has now arrived, time's finally up.
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I close my eyes, ready for death to consume me. Ready for this evil fuck to get his pleasure. But when I open my eyes, I'm in a hospital. My mom crying, Lili sitting in a chair next to her tears rushing down her face explaining to a nurse something. I sleep again.

I wake up in this empty room, my room. I'm lying in my bed. I grab my phone to check the time and it's 3:33. My phone is glinching and goes to the camera app. I look at the phone and see myself, on "my" room walls I see people hanging from the wall, tied up by their hands and feet. They were beaten and left for dead.

I wake up. I'm still in the hospital, fuck. I gotta get outta here. I get up, my arms have marks on them. Was I really on a train track? Fuck this hangover. I slowly open the door and realize I'm still in a hospital dress. I close the door cautionly and search for clothes. I see my clothes on the counter. I'm guessing my mom left them for when I awake. I put them on and leave.

I see someone's hat and steal it. I head to the bathroom to change my hairstyle so no doctor recognizes me leaving. FML what time is it? Where do I go? Not home, if anything. I walk out of the office and wait until a couple blocks to start running.

I run to Mia's house and sneak through her window. She's sitting up in her bed, "Jay, how the fuck did you get here?"

"I rode a unicorn, babe. How else?"

"Shut the fuck up, you got a mouth for someone who's sitting in my room looking half dead." I take off the hat and my jeans. "Scoot over, I wanna sleep." I say, Mia quickly moves way allowing me a spot on the bed.

In the morning I get up before Mia. I throw on one of her high waist pair of jeans and a black shirt and put the hat on. The hat was a baseball cap, all black. I put my hair in a back bun and took one of Mia's backpacks I take a wax pen, a lighter, $207, Mia's phone and my clothes. I went in her bathroom to rinse my face and use at least mouthwash. I leave through her window.

I can't go anywhere, my mom probably sent out a fucking search party to find me. I can't head to Lili's house because she's probably not there so I head somewhere to eat breakfast. The money I took from Mia isnt gonna last long so I'll go back tonight and eat.

I head to Lewis park, hoping to see someone. My fingerprint was still on Mia's phone so I turn off her location and log onto Lili's account on Instagram. I have to make it look like I'm missing.

"LMK if Jay's okay" I text to Lili from Mia's account.

"I will, I haven't heard from her, though. She's still in the hospital." I text from Lili's.

"Damn, I gotta see her when she's out. I miss her" I text from Mia.

This will make it look like I never left the hospital, if I did I would have been destined to go see Mia, her house is closes. If they think I never went to Mia's, they think I never left. If Lili doesn't know then no one does she knows everything, I tell her everything. I'll never state a move before I make it, but I'll always say my current move.

I've decided to stay with Mia. It's been two weeks and I'm still filed missing. Whenever police come to check Mia's house I leave, Lili and I have been hanging out. I'm coming back home today, I know I ran away for nothing but still it feels like my running away had some meaning.

As soon as I walked through the door I regretted coming back. I used the extra key to get in and heard moaning coming from the living room. I walk in casually and see my mom on top of some guy. "ahem" I clear my throat and my mom's face turns, revealing her annoyed face. Her face turns to a "oh my god, I,thought you were dead" as she rises from on top of the man. I don't take my eyes off her face as she walks toward me. I drop the backpack that had contained 2 of Mia's outfits 3 wax pens, lighters, and 2 sandwich bags full of marijuana. Mia called it my "survival pack" she had pack it for me and walked me here. Damn right ima marry her.

"Where were you? How did you escape? How did you get here?" My mom asked all at once. She seemed surprised and happy I was there. My mom loved me, she was an amazing women. She embrassed me in her armed. "Thank God." she whispers. I hug her back, "I'm sorry, mom. I truly am." I say ending the hug. I look over at the guy and regret my life.

He had been the evil fuck. I couldn't breathe. My throat became dry. "I..You....Train.....Died" The only words i managed to say as I backed away from the living room scenery. He stands up from the couch and smiles, "Hey, babe. Miss me?" This was my line. I snap back into reality. This is not how I approach someone who almost killed me.

"Miss you." I laugh. "Papi, I almost died of depression from not seeing you face." I smirk, I had been reaching into my pocket and grabbed a small pocket knife. I walk to him calmly and held the pocket knife in my hand. No one could notice it, it was quite small but the razor was sharp. My mom had stood there, unaware of what we were talking about.

I look his in his eyes, "Keep your eyes open, this show is to DIE for." I say smirking.

Authors Note:

My instagram is @lmaojaystfu

if you have any request let me know.


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