7 expelled? wtf is an expel?
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Author :jordanmoore
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7 expelled? wtf is an expel?

I laughed and grabbed a towel to wrap myself. "How you've been, kid?" I ask smiling. It had been my friend Mia Cruz. "I've been alright. Did I scare you, jackass?" Mia jokes

"Awe, c'mon. We used to be friends.. with benefits." I say winking. "Shut up." Mia says turning around so I could get dressed. "Why turn?" I say getting dressed. "Because you're disgusting, jackass." I giggle and finish getting dressed. I hug Mia from behind.

We walk to school and we're 15 minutes late. I can't wait to see my Math teacher's face when I walk in. I walk in and see the principal, the class stares at me. I greet my friends while walking to my seat. "Jordan Morris?" The principal says looking at me. "Yes." i say as if he's the biggest pain in the ass that ever lived. "C-come to my office, bring your things." He says, he looks a bit shocked.

"Jordan...?" he begins. "Call me Jay" I say. "Jay, I'm sorry but I'm going to have to expel you from the school district." I wasn't even surprised. As I turned to see who was entering the room I saw Lili, Dani, and Mia. The principal explained we were all kicked out of the district.

Lili cried, Dani just looked down and shook her head at the ground. Mia and I just set waiting for our parents to arrive.

Authors Note:
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2 weeks to update, I'm busy and I have shit to do. This story is actually part of SOME real life events in my life, so please do not judge the decisions made by characters. These characters are based off real people in my life, my friends, family, and others.


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