5 EP2: WaYoU
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Author :jordanmoore
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5 EP2: WaYoU

After what felt like eternity of running or being dragged, the sound of sirens faded. The only problem was now we were deep into a sewer.

I felt like I was dying, but it was only because of the alcohol, or was it?

I was dizzy and could barely breathe I heard only panting. Dani and Lili stared at me, this is when I knew I was fucked up.


At this point I knew deep in my last brain cell- drunk brain cell- that I was fucked. "WaY oUt" is the last thing I said before everything went black I couldn't help it.

When I woke up I was in a hospital with Lili and Dani on the side of my bed. Lili was talking to an officer and Dani was talking to a nurse.

I blacked out again.

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Next thing I know I wake up in a dark room. I immediately search to make sure my clothes are still there, the only thing I remember is getting drunk and getting dragged down a sewer. Had I been raped? Oh no, was Lilin okay? Was Danielle? Where are my parents? How long have I been here?

I scream.

The lights get cut on Lili and Dani appear from the dark. I'm laying in Lili's bed. "Damn shut up, do you have I hangover, asshole?" Lili says pulling out a pack of medicine. Fuck I love Lilin. "No I'm fine. Last I remember I was in the hospital, what happened? Why would they let us go I'm underage?" I ask genuinely curious. "They didn't let us go, we had to sneak you out while the doctor was getting someone to contact our parents. The sewer supossibly led to a hospital." Dani says opening and getting the medicine ready for me. Damn, now that I think about it that sewer water didn't always look like water.....Ew

Dani shoves a spoonful of medicine in my mouth. I don't argue with her, I just take it. "Wow, no arguing? Did the vodka put you in check?" Lili says. I get up from the bed and swing on her. She dodges my hit, of course she knows my next move more then I know my own.

"You should lay down and you know I'm sensitive, Jay be more genital next time." Lili jokes. I start back to the bed and stop before climbing back in, fuck, everything hurts. "Damn, Lili. Just let me know how genital you want it, mommi." I say looking over my shoulder which biting my lip winking. "I swear if you weren't already fucked up--"


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