4 EP1: Where it all started
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Author :jordanmoore
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4 EP1: Where it all started

7th grade had started and I changed my name to Jay, getting rid of the good girl look and my name spreaded fast. I was immediately known for my fearless personality and always being a party starter.

One day, while with my friend Danielle we decided to ditch school, she had brought alcohol and we decided we were going to have a nice time.

When we got to the the meet up park where everyone goes to ditch I thought the best idea was to go hide in the bathrooms so if cops drove by they wouldnt be suspicious. When we walked in a stall to hide and drink in peace I found something that could get everyone at the park in that moment killed, or even worst if found or touched.

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I found a whole 2 sugar jars of marijuana with labels on them that said the flavor of the drug inside of it. Dani looked at me in shock, "HEY" said a voice behind us. I rapidly stood up straight as if I was in the military, Dani did the same as we faced the voice.

It was my friend Lili, "Don't do that, you fuckin thot!" I said still surprised that my heart wasnt pounding my chest like Danielle's in that moment. Lili giggles a little. "Shut up, what the fuck are you doing anyway, why does Dani look like she saw a dead body?" she says as she walks toward me. I look back into the stall "look for yourself." I say not looking at her in the eyes. She stares, eyes wide. "Stop looking at it, lets take it to the ditch."

I hide one jar in my backpack Lili hides the other one in hers. Dani tucks the alcohol, that had been opened already, in her backpack with clothes around it. "Come on my sister is waiting for me." Lili says. "Oh you brought Ally?" "No she brought herself, she was here when I got here."

We walked out and I hugged Ally, Lili's twin sister, Lili was always known as the prettier twin tho. I told Ally about what I had just discovered she smiled and said "well go take it to the ditch." and with that Lili, Dani and I went.

When we finally got to the ditch, with was an underground opening underneath the road, it was just across the street from the park. The ditch is made entirely of concrete and leads to sewer, it has a retangle opening and water on the ground. Something like the well in the movie "it". We set on rocks and slices of concrete that was dry.

After about five minutes, we were almost done with the alcohol, let's just say, I was fucked up. When we finished the drink I slammed the glass on the floor, as soon as the glass hit the floor we heard a dog sniff above the hide out and footsteps coming from above the road.

All at once, flashlights and police dogs surrounded us. From my last sober cell, I told myself to run. I swore I was screaming, but my words came out as "WeGuTaGutOuYaHere" I stood feeling ten times older, as I tried to run or crawl away from the scene and deeper into the sewer, we heard sirens and voices screaming our names. This wasn't the regular security guards we were used to, this was a swat team.


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