Age of Conquerors
4 Chapter 4: 1500 men!
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Age of Conquerors
Author :The_King
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4 Chapter 4: 1500 men!

Chapter 4: 1500 men!

"I swear to god! I swear on my mother's honor and my father's pride! I'm telling you the truth! Everything that I know!"

"Still, can't believe you."



"I know that you are still hiding something from me."

"I swear I'm...Aaaaaaa!"

"I, I'm sure that you are still hiding something...a secret maybe?"

"Please! Believe m...Aaaaaa!"

"I think you really like this electricity, want me to increase the level again?"

"Nooo! Aaaaa!"




"Want water as well? It's hot here?"


"Again? And again? One more time?"


"Still want more?"

"Aaa... I'll...Aaaa….talk….please….Aaaaa!"


"Please…. I'll talk! Under my house…..there is a token…..if you use it…..there will be a loyal group of soldiers under your command!"

"How so?"

"They are trained from the age 4 to follow only the holder of the token. You use the token and you have an elite company of troops ready to fight for you….Aaaaaaa!"

"Only one company? You seem to really like water and electricity a lot more."

"Two company...Aaaaaa….three…Aaaaa...four…..Aaaaa….. I swear it's four! Aaaaa!"

"Well, congratulations! We finished! You can rest now."

"Thank you! Thank you!"

"Rest forever."


"Thanks for the token, and the elite army."


"Ahhh, my big brother finished before me as always. You heard that lads, it's the voice of that old man dying."



"Well, seeing that my big brother is already done and that you are the only two left, who didn't give up yet. Let's finish this quickly. You serve us from now one, or you follow your old man."

"Fuck you…. I'll never….!"


"One gone."

"I….I…. won't serve you as long as …..!"


"The other gone."



" What are you looking at? Since you are our men now, you should be proud and honored to serve us, the Twin Vipers! As a first task, clean this mess."



"Won't start yet?"

"...ah yes sir!"

"....yes...yes, Lord!"

"You are done, Ali?"

"Yes, big brother! 12 men ready for service."

"Good, job. I managed to get a lot of information from the old man, he seems to be a high ranking noble or something. I also got us an army, waiting and ready for us."

"What army? How big is it's size?"

"4 company of elite soldiers, trained from the age of 4 and loyal only to a token holder."

"That's 600 soldiers! Wow! Nobility indeed. And I can assume that you know where we can find this token, right?"

"Yes, indeed. I got the whereabouts of his mansion, and I know where the town is, from my exploration this morning."

"well, one should stay with the lads here, while the other takes one man and slip into the town in search of the token."

"Let me go, big brother! I will finish the job quickly."

"Ok, I'll give you two weeks."

"Got it, big brother."

"While you are gone I'll try to explore the geography of this area more, and see if there is a suitable place to build a better base. By the way, we are in Algeria. In a small area in the border with Tunisia. Heck, I don't know its name yet."

"Well, we can always give it a name when we control it."

"Indeed, there are trees all over the place, water from one side, and mountains surrounding it. The only way in is by sea, and that's why there is only one big town, surrounded by some villages. That guy that I killed he is the son of a strong noble house from that town."

"I see well, we take it, and we will only need to protect the shores and we are set."

"Indeed, plenty of natural resources, iron and stones, trees, lands that can be farmed, and sea that is rich with food."

"Indeed these people are really stupid."

Well let's go, you pick one guy and give me the rest."




"Listen, lads, from now on following what my big brother tells you to do, as for me, Karim you are going with me."


"Yes, you! Now get your ass here and let's move out!"

"Y…..Yes, sir!"



"See you in two weeks, big brother."

"See you in two weeks, Ali."

"Now, for the rest of you, pick a weapon, a shield, and a horse. I'm going to explore and I need a guide and an escort."

"Yes, Lord!"

"You what's your name?"

"Me?! I'm Imad Lord!"

"Good, Imad you are the captain of this squad!'

"Yes, Lord! Thank you, Lord!"

"Let's go."

"There, my lord is a village owned by a small noble house"

"That's my lord the biggest farm in the area!"

"The highest mountain…"

"The largest port…"

"The largest village…"

"Keep on going like that! I want to finish this house today!"

"Yes, Lord! Ho! Ha! Ho! Ha! Siiii! Vipers!"

"Sing louder! And work harder!"

"Ho! Ha! Ho! Ha! Siiiii!! Vipers!!!"

Turning around, I saw the four wooden houses that we've built so far. One big, to be used as a headquarter, and the others as official houses.

Turning again toward the men, they kept on transporting the wood from a forest nearby all the way up, where the other men are building the house.

This place is at the edge of this moon-like place, it like the tip, the sea from one side, the mountain from the other side and only one small narrow path leading to the outside where we've built a simple wooden wall, with a simple basic watchtower. This place we found by luck.

Inside this basin like of a place, there is enough room to build two big farms and a lot more houses, a perfect spot for a fortress or a hideout.

Its been already 15 days, two days left for the deadline with my brother Ali. I can't help but get nervous fearing something might have happened to him. I already left one guy back at the empty hole to show him the road back here.

"They are back! My Lord!!"

"Lord Ali is back!!"

"He is…...Holy Shit!!!!"

"What's Wrong?!"

"What's happening…. My god!!!"

Running to the entrance, I saw my brother Ali riding a horse with that Karim guy he took with him, surrounded by men in red leather armors riding horses and a long line of men with no end wearing black leather armors following behind him. Even someone as calm as I can't stay calm at this moment!

"Holy shit! Ali!!!"

"Big Brother!!"

Urging his horse faster Ali, dismounted after arriving at the entrance, only to be embraced by the arms of his big brother in a bear hug!

"Big brother! It's been a while!"

"Tell me what happened? How are you back with an army? You used the token already?"

"One question at a time. But before that."

Turning around, Ali started yelling!


With a sudden stop

"Ho!! Siii!"

"This here! Is My big brother! We are called the Twin Vipers! The Twin Viper Kings!"

"Ha! Siii!"

"His Words Are law to everyone including me!"


"If I'm a Viper King, then he is an Emperor!"

"From this day on, he is the only lawful holder of the token!"


"Big brother, the token! And a word to them!"



Walking forward Djamal held the black token on his hand high in the sky and commanded.

"I'm Djamal! The older of the Twin Vipers! The holder of the token NOW and FOREVER!"


"Trust in me you shall get, Loyalty for me you shall give! I command You fulfill!"


"You shall be The twin Viper Kings Swords! And Poisons! You Shall be named the Black Scorpions from this moment on!!"


"Open the gates! Move in!"

"Hahaha, that was good, big brother!"

"Well you are the more impressive one, but you will need to give a lot more than explanation later on."

"Hahaha, big brother, that I will. But the good news first which is, there were 10 companies, not just 4! That old man house was planning a rebellion hahaha!"

"....10 companies…. that's 1500 men!!!"

"Yes, big brother! And 400 of them are Cavalry!"

"Go inside now! And tell me what happened!"

"Yes, yes big brother!"

"Imad, I'll leave the rest to you here. Assign them jobs, we will need to build more than just houses today!"

"Yes, My Lord!"


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