Age of Conquerors
3 Chapter 3: Encounter!
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Age of Conquerors
Author :The_King
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3 Chapter 3: Encounter!

Chapter 3: Encounter!

"Viper one, safe and clear with my mother."

"Viper two, on route to father's store."

"Viper one, copy that."

"Viper two, incoming contact."

"Viper one, position."

"Viper two, around 10 minutes walk, northern side of the base. No less than 50 people. A Caravan or an Escort."

"Viper one, stay clear. Coming in about 5 minutes."

"Viper two, negative."

"Viper one, ok, prepare to engage."

"Viper two, preparing to engage."

"Viper two, incoming cavalry charge.

Ta! Tatata! Ta! Tata!

"Viper one, increasing speed. Arriving your way in less than 3 minutes."

"Viper two, cavalry cleared. Incoming infantry charge."

"Viper one, got sight on target. Preparing to engage archers in 3..2...1."

"Viper two, engaging infantry in 3..2...1."

Ta! Tatata! Tata! Ta!

Ta! Ta! Tata! Ta! Ta!

"Master, unknown walking object!"

"A walking object?"

"Yes, master!"

"Let me see, where it is.....that black thing?"

"Yes, master! Should we send the cavalry to find out what it is?"

"Yes, do that."

"Salim, take your 15 cavalrymen and find out what's that moving black thing for the master!"

"Yes, captain! Move out!"

"Yes, sir."

Ta! Tatata! Ta! Tata!

"What's that sound?!"

"Cavalry is dead, captain!"

"I can see that you stupid punk! Send the infantry!"



"I want it! That thing can kill cavalry while on a charge like chicken! Bring to me at all cost!"

"Yes, master! Archers, prepare to fire!"


"On my mark! Fir..!"

Ta! Ta! Tata! Ta! Ta!



"Ambush! From behind!"


"Escort the master back!!"

"Viper one, high-rank target cleared."

"Viper one, archers cleared."

"Viper two, clearing routing infantry."

"Viper one, capture a few of them alive."

"Viper two, roger that."

"Viper one, another high ranking target spotted. Will be captured.

"Viper two, changing to electric shots ammunition."

Ta! Tatata! Tata! Ta!

"Viper one, target taken down along with what looks like 5 bodyguards."

Ta! Ta! Tata! Ta! Tatata! Ta!

"Viper two, 3...4...6….8….9 targets down and captured, the rest cleared."

"Viper one, area clear. Good job Viper two."

"Viper two, area clear. Good job Viper one."

Run! Run faster! Not people! Not humans! Demons!!

Ta! Ta!

"No! Please! No!!"


"Aghh, dededededede."



"Waking up?"

"Ah, Jawad! You are alive!"

"Yes, me, Karim, Ahmed, Bilal and the bunch."

"Thank god! Where are they now?"


"There,... They are taking us one by one. All while hearing this scream of the Master!"

"Oh my god..!"

Earlier that day.

"Ali, we will use the horses and the two carriages to transport everything to the base."

"Got it, big brother."

"Ok now, carefully let's guide the horses and carriages inside. Thankfully this ..cave is big despite it being underground and man-made."

"Easy….hya….easy….relax lads….relax…"


"...what? They relaxed, didn't they?"




"Check the ammunition. How many bullets did you lose."

"Like always big brother, one target one shot. Lost 31 bullets, and 9 electric ones. So I'm left with 269 bullets and 41 electric bullets."

"Lost 11 live bullets for the archers and their commander, and 6 electric bullets for that noble and his bodyguards. Still left with 289 bullets and 44 electric bullets."

"It's a gold number comparing to what we gained."

"Indeed, 20 horses, two carriages full of resources and gold, and prisoners."

"Now, for the prisoners, what should we do to them."

"Of course, kill the noble after gaining information from, and recruit the rest."

"Ok, let me handle the recruiting task, big brother. While you can torture the information out from the noble's mouth."

"let's do that."



"Hwa!! Haaa!!"

"Finally awake."

"Who are you! Black clothes!! You are those demons!!"

"Is that what you call us? Well, if it was in the past, that could have been okay. But now, we are one of you, how can you say that about us."

"What are you! How can you kill with just a sound!"

"What killed you is your greed, not a sound. Now let's be serious, I ask, you answer."

"Do you know who am I!!"

"As if I care, and didn't I tell you to just answer when I ask?"


"That's called electricity, you like it."







"Ahh, he started….well I guess I should start here as well. You are 14, at least I should get 10 of you, it will be better to get all of you though."

"What did you do to master!"

"Do you know who he is?!!"

"You will regret it!"

"Do I look like I care? In my entire life I only cared and will only care about one person, and that's my big brother."

"You will regret it!"

"You are dead! Can't wait to laugh at you!"

"Do you guys want to learn what electricity means?"


"Yes, electricity! Let me show you."

"What are you doing...Aaaaaa!"


"No! Aaaaaaa!"

"Let's see how tough you are!"


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