Age of Conquerors
2 Chapter 2: The Twin Vipers Part 2
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Age of Conquerors
Author :The_King
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2 Chapter 2: The Twin Vipers Part 2

Chapter 2: The Twin Vipers Part 2

"Agghh, big brother, yes! Djamal…!"

"Shhh, don't talk. I'm right here, Ali."

"Thank god."

"Be silent."




"Ok, they are gone."


"The people of this place."

"This place?...yeah, right. So that was real."

"Well, I guess we are lucky that we still have our equipment. Anyway, let's move."

"Where are we going, big brother? And how long have we been here for?"

"I woke up when it was all dark, and now its all sunny. So, I don't know, maybe three, four, or even five hours."

"That long! This is weird and crazy to believe at the same time if you try to remember what that robot, object, voice or whatever said."

"Are you scared, Ali?"

"Are you big brother? Hehe."

"Since we were young, we've been together in everything and I was never scared, so why would I now."

"Haha, I knew it, this is weird but as long as we are together nothing can faze us!"

"Ok, let's move. We need to find someplace to hide in, being outside like this in the unknown is not good."

"Yes, let's go."

"Big brother, a cave! There is a cave here!"

"A cave?"

"Yes, it's here!"


"What? What's wrong big brother?"

"You call this a cave? It's a big hole under the ground."

"That's a cave in a sense, no?"


"Let's go check it out."

"Turn on your lights."

"Ok, but I don't know how long the batteries will last though."

"It's okay, I will charge them with fire later. Stay on guard."

"There are two sections, so let's split."

"Ok, I'll take left, you take right, Ali."

"Ok, Viper two, moving on."

"Viper one, moving on."

"Viper two, all clear."

"Viper one, all clear."

"It seems like this was a hideout or something"

"Yes, big brother. And from the tools, this is an old hideout."

"Well, let's make use of what we have here for now."

"Thankfully teacher taught us everything before he died, or we wouldn't even know what to do now."

"There are still more things to learn, Ali. That's why we never stopped learning after his death."

"That was because it was his will."

"A will that helped us many times."


"Well just sleep, it's already dark and we need all the energy we can get for tomorrow's unknown."

"Ok, good night big brother."

"Good night,....little Ali."



"Heard you big bro, and don't smile."

"you awoke Big brother?"

"Yes, finally waking up."

"Hehe, slept like a dead log, didn't I?"

"Indeed, like a dead log. Well, let's see. Yesterday was so messed up that we didn't think carefully despite staying calm. Now, after we are all rested we should think of what happened, and what's happening now."

"Yes, big brother. Now that I think about it, that robotic voice said that we will be thrown or moved to a random place in North Africa near the shores. That means either Morocco, Algeria or Tunisia. We saw when we searched for a place to hide yesterday. The shores and the sea, so that's not a lie."

"Indeed, it also said the world of Age of Conquerors, isn't that the title of the game you wanted to play? The virtual reality game?"

"It's for training purposes, big brother! I heard many martial arts fighters, who looked like they have reached their limits, or like they like to call it a bottleneck, tried to train inside the game and their skills increased sharply. Some private forces are even using it to train their troops, let them gain life and death experience there without dying. It simulates reality so perfectly that some can get confused for a long time."

"So, does that mean we will be facing these people? So, in other words, we are like the NPCs here but... albeit unique?"

"I think so big brother. One information I'm sure of, I paid a price to get is the one controlling this game..aahh world, is a super intelligent AI that can self learn. You know what that means big brother?"

"It can't be controlled, it can self learn, it can collect data from all over the place, it can keep on automatically updating the game, it can corporate stuff from the real world to here, can create stuff."

"Indeed, it can do all of these and more. But, it can…"

"It can never touch us. We are unexpected variables."

"That's it, big brother. What we have at the moment as an advantage here, is all of our accumulated knowledge, that we've learned all of these past years. This, is realistic to a great degree. The purpose was to stimulate the real world as much as possible. Now, what I know other than that, is there aren't any NPCs other than those in the special areas, or what is called Imperial capitals, ruled by an NPC King or emperor. Everything else is built by players, from a village that you will need to attract and migrate NPCs from their special areas to towns, cities, capital cities and then imperial cities. The population can be grown by migration or your newborn population from your people….what else? It's set in the medieval era where swords and shields and cavalry troops rule. And the area of this world is five times of our earth, imagine Russia."

"You know a lot, and that's a good thing. So, from this we are, or at least should consider our selves natives and other people or players as foreigners."

"Sigh, I won't even bother telling you to get over your past. As you wish big brother."

"Ok, our first priority is to find where we are now, and what surrounds us, from places like towns villages and such, what powers. Since we are here for good, let's gain as much power as we can, we might be able to return one day who knows."

"Let's do that big brother, this will be our temporary base for now. Set the alarm on your phone to five hours from now on to meet here."

"I totally forgot about our phones. Ok,...wait a second, do you have a signal?"

"...I do, try to call me.."

Tring! Tring Tring! Your phone is ringing!

Tring! Tring Tring! Pick me up for god sake!

"...It worked…."

"Are we cheating like this big brother?"

"It benefits us so who cares."

"Yes, this will be our trump cards, all of this advanced equipment we have here."

"Ok, set the alarm, check your guns and count your bullets. We move out! Five hours from now on, Ali."

"Five hours from now on, big brother!"


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