Age of Conquerors
-1 Some stuff you need to know before reading.
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Age of Conquerors
Author :The_King
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-1 Some stuff you need to know before reading.

Now, before you start bitching about it in the comments section please read this:

1.The main character is an Arabian and a Muslim, so don't expect him to do what other people needs to do.

2.This story will contain every shit you know about, from racism, sex, radical feminism, love, harem(small one since I don't like it big about 3 to 4 women max), war, gore, ugly side of society, unequality, favorism, killing, raping, assassinations, kidnappings, terrorism.... etc all bad stuff to good stuff. this is to hopefully show people that the world is not that clean and good and you need to work for it to be nice to you.

3. Take this novel as way to tell you that nothing is perfect on this world so wake up you still delusional people.

4. If this get removed for the above reason, then go read it somewhere else maybe royal Road if they don't remove it as well, or I might even make a website for it. so hopefully they can get my point of this novel which teaching still naive people to wake up.

5.This novel will attempt to try and fight all the above mentioned subjects in a way that you can enjoy it, reading. so support it 😝

6. Suggestions and corrections will be accepted and read for the betterment of this novel.

7.If you are done reading this and want to say something in the comments please do but stay respectful, I'm an open minded person so i don't care what you are or what you want as long as it stays in this novel's field and it stay respectful.

8. Last And not least, I'm not a native English speaker so don't kill me.

If you don't like this, and this is not your cup of tea, leave and don't read then bitch about it in a revoew or a comment. if you like it and are enjoying it, Support me by a review and thats all, no money, no shit at the moment.

Feedback will be appreciated people wether be it bad or good, I accept all.

Peace ✌ and fuck terrorists.


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